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Pokémon X & Y Themed Toys Coming Down Under To McDonald's

Posted by Liam Doolan

Better known as Maccas in Australia

Aussie Nintendo fans will no doubt remember a golden period during 2012 when fully grown adults reverted to children Australia-wide, all because the international fast-food chain McDonald's released an exclusive set of Happy Meal toys based on the Pokémon Black & White series. Not to mention each toy bundled with one of twelve Pokémon Trading Cards.

Fast forward to 2014, and a relatively similar promotion is once again doing the rounds at Australian Maccas nationwide. This time the focus is on the X & Y series, with a total of 8 toys and 12 cards to collect – certainly a step up on the previous offering which didn't include as many toys.

Rather than figurines with unique features though, this time the toys are basically spin disc Pokéballs that fire Pokémon ranging from the iconic Pikachu, to one of the latest legendary monsters on the block, Xerneas. The cards themselves are based on the available toys, and as with all McDonald's promotions this deal is for a limited time only with each Happy Meal purchase.

For all those Aussies out there, let us know if you'll be heading into your local Maccas to pick up one – or all – of these Pokémon toys and trading cards.


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DarkKirby said:

I hope to Arceus this isn't what Nintendo meant by increased merchandising effort.



Azooooz said:

I remember when I was a 9 years old, Burger King had Pokémon spinning toys, where I got the Clefairy one and also displaying a Pokémon animated series. I started to visit the restaurant more often just to see a Pokémon episode there until the offer ended.

I hope McDonald's would do that.



Phantom_R said:

Someone's already beaten me to a Burger King reference. That was definitely the biggest fast food toy promotion ever, and the toys were actually notable for something other than being the healthiest part of the meal.



Swiket said:

"Maccas" sounds worse to me than calling it "Mickey D's"... The regular name isn't that long!



TonLoco said:

My son got one of these a while back. It was crap and I think it got thrown out. Those mario kart toys were pretty neat though.

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