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Mon 23rd December, 2013

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Farpun commented on Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edit...:

I'm a big batman fan and metroid fan and I can confidently say this game is bad. I bought it near release and traded it in after giving it a good few hours of play. I badly wanted to like it but just couldn't. The fighting mechanics are a watered down and unresponsive version of the console iterations. The graphics are aweful, I'm not one to be picky with graphics but these were so bad that playing this with my 3dsxl on the highest brightness setting and all I could see on the screen was just complete black except for a bright fluro orange line (as I was in detective mode). I rarely post on here but felt like I should let everyone know before they purchase a digital copy of this game and regret it as they are unable to get their money back as the quality of blackgate is sub-par and shouldn't be acceptable for any amount of money.