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Video: Returning To Rainbow Skies with Fantasy Zone II Double

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

Twice the fun or double the trouble?

After a brief break with the excellent 3D port of racing classic Outrun, M2 has turned its attention back to shooters with this release of Fantasy Zone II Double in Japan, a neat little compilation of the previously Playstation 2-exclusive System 16 remake of the Master System game Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa Opa (don’t worry too much about that, it’s complicated) and the score attack variant Link Loop Land.

Of course, we’ll have a full Matter of Import post for you in the near future, but for now enjoy watching our video below of the first stage.

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salxicha said:

I've always preferred Fantasy Zone: The Maze since it was like PACMAN coop!

So much fun



maceng said:

SEGA, we need these games here in America, ASAP!! Both Outrun and this one, pretty please!



kupocake said:

Looks amaze. I've always loved the sound the bosses make when they shatter...



Kirk said:

Seriously; they just don't make games like this any more.

Interestingly, I think the Master System version actually has the slightly superior design with the fixed shop locations and the bases dropping paper money that floats back and forth down to the ground, which I always enjoyed collecting, but this version is obviously on a whole other level visually.

I wish there was a version of the game that had the Master Systems design with this games visuals.



eLarkos said:

@Kirk Resogun on PS4 is similar to this.

BTW Fantasy Zone is one of my all time favourite games. No question I would buy this day one.



meltendo said:

I hate Sega...they shovel Sonic on us but they hold back releases like this or Phantasy Star Online 2. They're just a lifeless cash machine now.



Taggsta said:

I love these SEGA 3D games and can't wait for more to come to Europe/Aus.
The only thing that's lame is that in a range of 10 games so far released there are releasing a sequel with Fantasy Zone II. There are so many games out there but they to bring out a sequel already.
Same goes with Capcom releasing 1 billion Megaman games when there so much more to offer ....please vary the games more so we can have different experiences



Kirk said:


Well the entire look and feel of Resogun is exactly the opposite of what I was talking about with this game. It was more about the whole creativity, craziness, simple fun and playfulness that the entire game exhibits. The Fantasy Zone games are like playing in a world imagined by the mind of Willy Wonka. So although they're both shmups with looping levels they're just two totally different beasts to me.

I would love to see Sega make an actual modern Fantasy Zone game. In full HD with proper 3D visuals but still in the classic 2D viewpoint and gameplay during the actual gaming parts. So maybe a 2.5D Fantasy Zone that captures the specific look, style, humor and quirkiness of the original games but just for the modern era. It could be so cool. If I had the resources and talent I would be making a game basically like this myself right now.



Pac-Fan said:


There are tons of SEGA games i'd die to see remade/rebooted,like bonanza bros and flicky.I just don't see it happening.

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