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Video: You'll Get A Kick Out Of These Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks Trailers

Posted by Damien McFerran

They think it's all over

Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks is due to hit Europe next month, and to drum up interest Nintendo has released two new trailers for the game.

An expansion of Inazuma Eleven 3 — which launched last year on the 3DS — Team Ogre Attacks uses the same game engine but boasts an entirely new storyline.

The actual release date is February 14th — will you be giving this to your loved one as a Valentine's gift? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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M0rdresh said:

Nice, didn't know this was coming.
I assume this is a full retail release or will it come as a digital DLC on the eShop as well ?



BakaKnight said:

Playing Lighting Bolt right in these days and definitly not going to buy Ogre too.
Sure LB is awesome and I love a lot the Inazuma Serie (seriously, I can't stop playing it and loving it even if when I'm clearly see matters in the gameplay XD ) but a thing the serie is bad at is giving enough reasons for buy all versions of a game >.>;

Of course if NL will review Ogre and say it's much better and feel very different from the other Inazuma Eleven 3 then I'll change mind, but I doubt it will happen XP



JaxonH said:

Nothing like a completely eastern game with Japanese characters speaking in a bold, British accent. To an American, this is how you know you're playing a niche title lol...



WiiLovePeace said:

@BakaKnight but the article states that Team Ogre Attacks features a totally new storyline, therefore it might as well be a totally new entry. I think that's reason enough to buy it right there



JaxonH said:

@LordGeovanni Lighten up man, that wasn't meant to be a slight against people who like the game. Take stuff way too seriously

Last Story was same way and I played that. It was just a lighthearted joke.



LordGeovanni said:

...I didn't actually take that the wrong way? But maybe you took my comment the wrong way? It was actually a bit of a mix between enjoyment/excitement for the "niche" game and actually not caring about the (extreme) situations that come about when dealing with the game.

I actually seem to enjoy niche games more because there are less people who play that don't really enjoy the game. Sort of like a Pokemon game, except there is a large decrease in the "meta game" and more into exploring the game as fully as possible.



JaxonH said:

@LordGeovanni Sounds like a classic case of tone lost in translation. Happens all the time when communicating inaudibly (think that's a word?)



BakaKnight said:

Sadly I read around some wikias and forums that the storyline is not much different.
If what I read was correct the main story of team Ogre is the same of the other versions, what change is the side story and the extra team the player can challange at the end of the game.
The new storyline mentioned in the article should be refering only to the fact that Canon sidestory in Ogre is way better than Paolo's and Helio's ones in the other two versions; It's longer, it has its own cutscenes and eventually the stories of Mark and Canon merge togheter in the battle against team Ogre.

It's definitely an updated version of Inazuma Eleven 3, but it doesn't add much for those who already played at least one of the other versions.

To be honest I hope what I read around is all wrong and that Ogre is way way more than what I just described, but I prefer to wait to hear more official details or read a review before be hyped about this third version >.<



WiiLovePeace said:

@BakaKnight Yeah, I did think it was a bit odd that this game would supposedly have a totally different storyline to the other two games. So this makes this the definitive version of the Inazuma Eleven 3 games then? Don't need to buy either of the other ones if you buy this copy sorta thing?



BakaKnight said:

If what I read on the net is right then I'm more of the opinion that the "definitive" version depends on the player's likes, but yes, once you played one you don't need any of the other two.
Indeed I bought Lighting Bolt when Ogre was already annunced for Europe cause I prefered to see the sidestory of Italy's vice-captain (I'm italian afterall XP) and be able to challange and recruit the Angel team.

However if you still didn't get any version and don't care in particular about any sidestory or team then Ogre is the one to go; at least Ogre has a couple of extra cutscenes and the sidestory should actually exist (in lightinbolt it was kinda dissapointing, there are less then 10 minutes of version-unique gameplay involving the Italian character).

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