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Toys "R" Us Confirms Exclusive Range of Skylanders SWAP Force Characters

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Legendary Grim Creeper has a cool name

When you combine a video game with toys that bring characters to life, you get monster profits. You also get plenty of promotions from one of the world's most recognisable toy store brands, and Toys "R" Us is continuing its record of promoting and gaining exclusives for the Skylanders series with some special characters for the upcoming SWAP Force, which will arrive on Wii U, 3DS and Wii on 13th October in North America and 19th October in Europe.

The flagship Toys "R" Us store in New York, meanwhile, will be hosting various events and activities over the launch weekend; many stores in the U.S. will also open an hour early on launch day for eager buyers to grab the new game, while some stores (check with your local outlets) will be open at midnight.

While that's all very nice, eager collectors of the figurines / characters may be interested to know that the retailer will have two exclusive characters available on launch day, with three more to follow later in Fall.

At Launch

Legendary Grim Creeper (Lightcore)

Legendary Grim Creeper is an alternative version of the new SWAP Force character with unique, enhanced in-game powers. Grim Creeper is considered to be one of the best reapers ever to swing a scythe in his quest to defend the Skylands. Whether using his scythe to eliminate enemies the easy way, or employing his suit of armor to produce a mega hard attack to triumph over even the toughest adversaries, kids are sure to love this undead Lightcore character.

Legendary Free Ranger

Along with the same abilities as the new, original Free Ranger, this exclusive Legendary version features more lightning fast power. Fans will be taken on a high velocity adventure with Free Ranger as he battles with earth, wind and fire to protect the Skylands and reach his destiny as the greatest storm chaser in the land. Free Ranger is known for his ability to chase hurricanes, spin inside tornados and ride lightning, as well as for his catchphrase, “Whip Up a Storm!”

During the Fall season

Legendary Night Shift

The undefeated phantom-weight champion of Skylands, Night Shift stays true to his motto to “Roll with the Punches.” This boxer is well-equipped to help the Skylanders protect their world, no matter the challenge, making him a must-have character for Portal Masters determined to prevail against evil.

Legendary Zoo Lou

A descendant from a long line of shamans, Zoo Lou traveled the Skylands far and wide to become a master in the art of communicating with nature and summoning animals. Known for his catchphrase, “Nature Calls!” and single-handedly freeing his lands, Zoo Lou’s caught the eye of Master Eon who brought him to the Skylanders.

Dino-Rang (Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure)

No matter the battle, Dino-Rang has what it takes to win, whether it’s using his earthen boomerangs to attack his opponents or summoning pillars of earth in the form of fists to blast away his foes.

You can see some images of these below, and though this was a North America-focused press release, we'd be surprised if these figures aren't a worldwide promotion.

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rjejr said:

I'ld love to say we aren't going buy these but we bought the original Legendary 3 pack so I've lost credibility on my families spending habits. Though I'm pretty sure at this point we'll only be buying the "swappable" ones. Unless there are other new elements we need besides the original 8. I know some of the swappable ones have different bottoms to unlock side areas so we'll probably need 8 of those out of the 16.

Only the ones that say "swap force" on the front come in 2 pieces, correct? So we can forgo the lightcores and other remakes?

I'm glad I have until Jan - my sons birthday - to figure this marketing out. Coming out the day after X + Y means my kid will survive until then.



Firejonie said:

I'm tempted to pick these up, the gold and blue match really good. I'm trying to stop spending so much on Skylanders as of late, but Swap Force is probably going to restart my collecting addiction. Especially with the swap figures. Also, I find it weird that an old Spyro's Adventure figure is going to become an exclusive.



sleepinglion said:

US readers, don't forget the Toys R Us Buy 1 Get 1 40% off deal this week. I just pre-ordered Super Mario 3D Land for Wii U and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for 3DS and was able to mix and match. 60 for Mario, 23 for Zelda, free shipping and no tax! And they even release on the same day.



GamerZack87 said:

Still no word on the Legendary Triple Pack then. Also, for a while now I've assumed that LFR and LNS would be in a double pack of some kind, but I guess not. I already worked out nicknames to give them as well:

Legendary Free Ranger - Cage Fighter
Legendary Night Shift - Punch Out



ultraraichu said:

Looks cool. I told myself not to get carried away by collecting NFC figurines again but that Legendary Grim Creeper does look tempting.

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