While North America unfortunately has to wait until 2014, Europe has around a month to wait for Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, which is set to be the final main adventure starring the puzzle solving gentleman. It's the sixth entry, and long term fans are sure to be left with a little sadness once they close the 3DS at the credits of the final adventure.

According to the details dished out by Nintendo today, however, finishing up with the game is likely to take a fair amount of time, in any case. As is now standard, there'll be a hefty total of over 500 puzzles to take on — a little more than 150 will be in the main storyline, while 365 Daily Puzzles will be available for download from launch day onwards. The company has also revealed details of the minigames that'll be included; in previous entries we've tried to aid overweight hamsters, navigate mazes with robots and more. Below is an excerpt from the press release outlining Dress Up, Nut Roller and Blooms and Shrooms.

In Dress Up, play fashion consultant to an assortment of colourful characters you meet on your travels. Mix and match the items you find to create the perfect outfit for each character. Aim to create the perfect combination to match each character’s style requirements to succeed.

In Nut Roller, take control of a squirrel who needs to manoeuvre her delicious walnut into a goal on an obstacle course. Roll rocks and acorns around the courses to take out obstacles and to push the walnut towards the goal. Help the squirrel build up a stash of walnuts, and she might help you find the hint coins that are hidden all over the world.

In Blooms and Shrooms, you tend to a flower garden with a difference, one that is filled with surprising flora including Burst Flowers which release light that cause trees to bloom and also unfortunately poisonous mushrooms. Deftly plant flowers in specific positions to avoid the noxious shrooms and fill the garden with beautiful blooms to win.

There'll also be a Treasure Hunt mode, where you challenge other players via StreetPass to find a variety of items within their game; succeeding will unlock 3D models and "dream sequences" of characters from the series. In the UK, meanwhile, pre-orders with GAME will come with a "genuine leather card wallet embossed with the Professor Layton logo", which sounds nice and snazzy.

What do you think of these minigames based on what we're told? Is the thought of playing the last Professor Layton game in this series too emotional to think about? Share your feelings in the Nintendo Life support group, below.