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Overlay Gives an Old NES Controller Some New Zelda Sleekness

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Wii U isn't the only one who looks good in black and gold

Have you been hearing this strange, quiet sighing noise ever since you got your limited edition Zelda Wii U bundle? It's probably coming from your old NES controller, wistfully eyeing that totally dope, gold-emblazoned GamePad and wishing it could have been as radically awesome in its day.

However, custom designer GAMERGRAFX has not forgotten the faithful gray rectangle and is now offering a stunning, Zelda-inspired overlay on its website. According to the designer's Instagram, the template took 6 months to perfect.

The overlay is currently going for $9.99. Unfortunately, GAMERGRAFX only fulfills orders within the US at this time, according to its FAQ. [UPDATE: the seller has now confirmed that orders outside the US are accepted.]

So how do you think this overlay holds up to the limited edition GamePad? Let us know below.


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Total911 said:

Pretty awesome. I just got Zelda II the other day, this would go perfectly sitting next to it!



sinalefa said:

I thought they did it for their own personal amusement. It is great that you can buy it!



WaveBoy said:

Still doesn't hold a candle to my Fido Dido inspired retro Nintendo Power controller



ikki5 said:

for $10, I might get two for both my NES controllers

I still play my NES to this day I got a good collection of about 20 games and hoping to get more



Reynoldszahl said:

Cannot understand why this is US only. I mean it is lightweight and it wouldnt cost any duties crossing countries borders.



Hallow said:

Sweet if it would ship to Europe, I would definitely take couple of them.



Vriess said:

Nintendo should remarket a wireless Wii U compatible version of this controller Or make a wired version which hooks up to a wiimote, just like the rereleased SNES controller for the Wii.



TimLatshaw said:

@Reynoldszahl It does seem a bit odd, yes. It may not hurt to contact the store and ask if they might make an exception for this particular product.




Also as a side note, we are currently working on several different designs to showcase peoples favorite retro games, TMNT, Metroid, Super Mario, Castlevania, etc. We are also happy to take any suggestions too. Our site will be updated in the coming days with new goodness!



Moviefan2k4 said:

I checked out the GamerGrafx site, and was struck by how little is actually offered in their replacement label section for original NES games. So many carts are in terrible shape these days, and labels are desperately needed for the most abused copies.

Also, I'm amused at the section of TV and film labels, but why would anyone want something like that, for an NES game that doesn't exist? For example, there's one for "The Breakfast Club"...seriously.




@Moviefan2k4 every label in those sections were request by customers. We've created wedding invitations, family portraits, etc. you would be amazed what people think of. I guess its a double nostalgia thing maybe They wouldn't be in the store if they didn't sell.

As for the replacement label section, new labels are added almost daily and we always welcome suggestions for whats needed. We're working as fast as we can to create a complete back catalog of every NES game and eventually SNES & N64.

If you have any helpful suggestions for what games should be up there next, we would like to hear them



Moviefan2k4 said:

@GAMERGRAFX Well, for starters, high-quality labels for all six NES "Mega Man" games would be nice, plus one for "The Adventure of Link". I have a self-made vector file of the latter's logo; if you want it, PM me.

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