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Get a 2DS + Animal Crossing: New Leaf for £129.99 at Nintendo UK Store

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Not a bad price to indebt your life to a raccoon

Should you happen to be in the market for a brand new 2DS and a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, then just sidle on into the inconspicuous tent the Nintendo UK store has set up in the town plaza.

The online store is currently offering a 2DS of either colour paired up with New Leaf for £129.99, a saving of about £15 if you were to purchase them each separately at full price. Free next day delivery is included.

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This is the sort of bundle that could make a great gateway entry for a friend or family member new to portable gaming. Now whether you ever see them again once they’re drawn in by the siren’s jingle of Isabelle is a different matter.

Does this seem like a good deal, UK gamers? Let us know below.


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MJKOP said:

I almost got this for my daughter but she's only 5 and I believe AC is quite txt heavy, so I got a 2DS with Hello Kitty and the official carry case for £129.99 in GAME, thought it was a pretty great deal & she's delighted



tudsworth said:

Considering how an equivalent bundle with a case would set you back £149.99 at GAME, £10 less for this bundle and a case directly from Nintendo is an excellent deal.

If you're in the market for a 2DS and this game, I don't think anywhere else is offering a better deal, or will be for a while now.



mookysam said:

Amazon are currently selling the 2DS for £99 so you could get that and any game for around the same price as Nintendo's offer.



Peach64 said:

£126.99 for the two items from Amazon, and you could use Flubit to probably get another few pounds off. Not as over-priced as usual though, Nintendo.



datamonkey said:

This seems ok until you compare it to Argos's deal on Vita at the moment which includes a Vita, 8Gb card, Killzone & Virtua Tennis for £139.

Also do you get the retail boxed game with this or is it download? If it's the latter it means higher profit margins for Nintendo.

Of course the Vita deal is no good if you want to play Animal Crossing though!

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