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Killer Instinct's Music Gets the Cover it Deserves

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Supreme Victory

We often share some of the best fan content that we find, whether they're short films portraying scenes from games, memorable pieces of art or top-notch music covers. The band On Being Human brings us the latter, and last year we shared a terrific Super Metroid rock cover that seemed like the perfect alternative soundtrack to the game.

On Being Human has been busy since, of course, and band member Travis Baker has been in touch to point us to a cover track from Rare's classic Super NES fighter Killer Instinct. It's a title that's a huge favourite among the Nintendo Life staff, and this cover is, like its Super Metroid equivalent before it, terrific; we'd happily play the game with this blazing away in the background.

Check it out below and, if you're a fan, you can download it here.

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sadsack777 said:

Killer Instinct's what more can we all Nintendo fans say the game was brill / music excellent well put together



Rafie said:

I got excited at first thinking this was going to be a Wii U/3DS VC. Then I remember Microsoft and...blah, blah, blah! Still, it's nice to hear the tracks from one of my favorite fighting game.



Shiryu said:

Awesome stuff. I fear "Killer instinct 3" will do very little in my mind to beat the original Arcade (and even SNES) version.



unrandomsam said:

The Arcade version is a much better game than the port.

This is good Shadows Theme from Final Fantasy VI. (There is only the OST version available officially).

And Tina/Terra's Theme on Piano (What I have heard of that Chrono Trigger one seems awful in comparison to this or even the London Philomonic version of the Theme Tune).

Other than that I like pretty much all of the Rondo of Blood soundtrack.

And the NES Earthbound (Which is amazing bearing in mind the limitations).



MAB said:

Who cares about Killer Instinct on the XBone... I want me a 7 string version of that crazy synth guitar with the chaos pads



unrandomsam said:

@Sony_70 Don't get how you lump in SF4 with those others (presuming they are not like it - to me it plays like any other decent Streetfighter game). I like King of the Fighters. Don't really like the spam but killer instinct started that.

All the new ones will be junk ports. The new Tatio arcade hardware can have an ssd i7 and a top of the range video card same with the Sega one. So the console versions will all be cut back. Best that can be hoped for is someone bases an arcade board on one of the two.

I am at a point in my life where I could pay for a modern day neo geo type prices playing the exact same games but nobody wants to make one. I couldn't pay current AES prices but I could pay the prices they were new without destroying my finances.



DESS-M-8 said:

Release the original Killer Instinct Arcade game, with online multiplayer and these guys redoing the soundtrack and release it on XBLA AND Wii U eShop. I would pay £49.99 if Microsoft and Nintendo made a deal and made that happen. They would both make a fortune of Nintendo owners, same of they allowed Rare to port Conker and Banjo from the XBLA versions. That would be a smart move from Microsoft. It will never happen. Shame.



Ryon said:

You guy's can't tell me the song from Sonic Adventure 2 (Pyramid level) doesnt sound almost exactly like this song. Listen to it I swear your gonna be mind blown.



atomicjuicer said:

Original KI arcade will always hold a special place in my heart.

If Microsoft make Kinect optional I might look into the new KI



DESS-M-8 said:

I really wish Nintendo had somehow retained the Intellectual Property Rights for Killer Instinct, Conker, Banjo and Battletoads. These are 4 major franchises that are just decaying left with Rare and they will only get worse when the now defunct company are made to white them out again,
I hope Beanland leaves and joins up with Nyamyam or Wayforward.

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