Weirdness: Formula One Champion Sebastian Vettel Channels His Inner Mario

His car doesn't look particularly safe

Mario is undoubtedly an icon, and it seems that plenty of people are willing to dress up as the mustachioed plumber — and sometimes his brother — for a bit of extra attention; let's not forget that we did just that recently. But still, when Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel dresses up as the famous mascot and rides a rickety soapbox racer down a 500m track, it does take the character and his popular Mario Kart series to a new level.

Vettel was part of the jury at a soapbox derby in the western German town of Herten, perhaps not surprising as the event was sponsored by Red Bull — the team he races for in Formula One. Perhaps after being asked nicely by Nintendo, the champion driver dressed up in a Mario outfit — though he shunned the accompanying mustache — and took off down the track in a themed car. The fact that its wings came off on the way down suggests that it wouldn't handle too many hits from red shells — Vettel's rivals would certainly have a better chance of overhauling his lead in this year's championship if Nintendo built his car.

It's a fun video though, showing that no-one is above putting on an embarrassing onesie in the name of entertainment.