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Renegade Kid To Regain Rights To Moon Next Year

Posted by Damien McFerran

Could a sequel be in the works?

Moon is something of a cult classic, and many Renegade Kid fans hold out hope for a sequel of some sort. The studio itself is open to the idea, but has always maintained that the rights to the name are an issue — the original was published by Mastiff, which currently has ownership of the IP.

However, it would seem that the chances of a Moon follow-up will dramatically improve when 2014 swings around, as Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham has revealed that the rights are soon to revert back to the developer.

What are your thoughts on this news? Are you one of Moon's many fans? Let us know by posting a comment.


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Sanqet said:

Sadly this is a game that slipped under my radar ill have to search for a copy to see what it's like



Kifa said:

Nice atmosphere, smooth framerates, well-balanced weapons, uninspired enemies, repetetive environments and difficulty spikes - I had mixed feelings about "Moon" since I bought it a while back. It's a functional FPS, even a good one at times, but at the same time it does many things wrong IMHO and gets a little bit more credit than it deserves.

I'd like to see a sequel, but Renegade Kid would have to iron out some problems with the original. 3DS is badly in need of FPS games, and this could actually turn out better than the episodic thing they are preparing right now. If they fixed some problems with the design.



Shambo said:

it's a solid start for a sequel of some sorts. frankly, i'd like Renegade Kid to continue both 'fps' titles on 3ds. moon and certainly dementium! even after completing dementium 2 on an R4 (i'm sorry, but it never came to europe, the ward is also a rare find here) i didn't stop trying to get my hands on an original boxed copy for my games collection. and i did! finished it about five times i guess.

what little i've seen of Cult County reminds me of it, so that's a good thing. and if moon were to get a 3ds or even wii u sequel (and some extra polish here and there) i'd definitely get it day one, if it makes it to europe that is... region locking



bahooney said:

I am in love with the graphical style of 3D games on the original DS, so this one definitely greased my oars a few years back.



aj_fowl said:

@Shambo I think RK will just stick with the eShop for now. It's easier on them to release games that way. Plus they can release in Europe without much trouble.



Shambo said:

@aj_fowl for episodic games like Cult County I wouldn't really mind, but I'd buy them again should they bundle it on a physical game



pixelman said:

This is the best 3DS news I've seen in awhile. I really, really hope they're making a sequel for the eShop.



Undead_terror said:

Still didn't play moon but might get it if the price is right, also can't wait for Cult country.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Yes a new moon game on the Nintendo 3DS with Circle Pad Pro support would be awesome!

I hope Renegade kid pushes the graphical abilities of the 3DS, like how CAPCOM did with Resident Evil Revelations.



McGruber said:

I loved the original. One of my favorite DS games by far. I would love to see a sequel on 3DS. Also looking forward to seeing what they can do with that Cult County game.

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