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2058, Lunar Outpost Alpha. Major Edward Kane, Chief of Military Operations for the Extra-Terrestrial Encounter Organisation, has been called in to investigate reports of strange energy readings and missing personnel.

Aid Major Kane and his men as you head out to uncover the mysteries surrounding the outpost and face off against an unseen enemy.

Welcome to the Moon.

  • Renegade Kid’s patented formula of a sick and twisted FPS adventure features a cinematic storyline and white-knuckle shooting action
  • Built on the Renegade Engine 2.0, Moon delivers rich environments and robust FPS gameplay which screams at a blistering 60 frames per second
  • Collect alien artifacts and challenge insane difficulty levels to unlock premium hidden content - only the hardcore need apply
  • Annihilate alien hostiles as you rip up the lunar landscape in your turret-equipped buggy or pilot the Remote Search Droid to delve into the Moon’s darkest corners
  • Deliver Major Kane’s style of intergalactic diplomacy as you wield powerful alien technology like the LeptonSpread - a particle shotgun that can tear your enemies a new black hole

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Posted by James Newton

A science fiction FPS on DS? Lunacy!

The DS’s heritage for first-person shooters has been a little – wait for it! – hit and miss over the years, with Metroid Prime: Hunters singlehandedly flying the flag as titles such as GoldenEye: Rogue Agent drag the poor machine’s name through...

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News: Renegade Kids Regains Publication Rights to Moon

Renegade Kids Regains Publication Rights to Moon

Rumours also sparked by "Moon Chronicles" trademark

Jools Watsham, co-founder of Renegade Kid, has proven a master of the teaser this month. He recently said that the studio was preparing an announcement for "FPS lovers and 3DS owners", bringing to mind the company's early days on the DS and prompting some to express a desire for a sequel to Moon...

News: Renegade Kid To Regain Rights To Moon Next Year

Renegade Kid To Regain Rights To Moon Next Year

Could a sequel be in the works?

Moon is something of a cult classic, and many Renegade Kid fans hold out hope for a sequel of some sort. The studio itself is open to the idea, but has always maintained that the rights to the name are an issue — the original was published by Mastiff, which currently has ownership of the IP. However, it would seem...

News: Renegade Kid Open To Idea Of Moon Sequel

Renegade Kid Open To Idea Of Moon Sequel

IP rights present an issue, however

Renegade Kid recently announced its new FPS, Cult County, which is to be released on the 3DS eShop episodically later this year and into next year. Speaking to Nintendo Force magazine about the horror-themed shooter, co-founder Jools Watsham made reference to his studio's DS horror series Dementium and the...

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Rygar and Moon Slip Quietly Onto Euro Shelves

Rising Star Games release Nintendo duo in The Old World

Rising Star have been working wonders lately, releasing some real gems of gaming goodness in Europe. Two more titles were launched over the weekend in the shape of Renegade Kid's DS FPS Moon and Tecmo's Rygar: The Battle of Argus. We covered Rygar a while back and were a little disappointed that it's little more than the PS2 original with a..

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