Renegade Kid recently announced its new FPS, Cult County, which is to be released on the 3DS eShop episodically later this year and into next year. Speaking to Nintendo Force magazine about the horror-themed shooter, co-founder Jools Watsham made reference to his studio's DS horror series Dementium and the lesser-known but well-liked sci-fi FPS, Moon.

Watsham remarked that he wanted to develop a sequel to Moon, but points out that continuing the series is highly unlikely because its publisher, Mastiff, still holds the rights to the IP.

Watsham said:

We had always planned to make a sequel to Moon, but that seems extremely unlikely at this point due to its ties with the publisher. Perhaps we’ll attempt to buy the sequel rights back from Mastiff one day. Not sure. Having said that though, we are pouring all of our efforts and desires into our new first-person shooter for the 3DS. If people like our new FPS, then we’ll have complete freedom to continue to support that game with sequels and such.

Renegade Kid has experienced similar struggles with its Dementium series, which is currently owned by Southpeak Interactive. Dementium II is currently being reworked for PC and Mac release by Memetic Games and Digital Tribe Games. Renegade Kid is aiming to release the first episode of Cult County later this year.

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