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Resident Evil: Revelations Wii U Demo Scares Its Way Across Europe

Posted by Orla Madden

Capcom planning a live-stream to show off new content

The Wii U demo for Resident Evil: Revelations has finally docked in Europe, taking up 619 MB of your valuable space.

Nintendo announced last week that the demo would arrive on the 14th May, and true to its word the demo went up at the stroke of midnight — if not slightly after the clock struck 12 a.m.

Following the trial version of Capcom's upcoming horror title, the company has a stream scheduled for 11 a.m. GMT (or not -Ed.) Tuesday to show off the console version's new content. In addition, a small bonus has been teased, so it might be worth keeping those eyes peeled this morning.

Here's what Capcom posted to its blog:

Tomorrow's a good day for Resident Evil fans. First, the Revelations demo arrives for 360, PS3, Wii U and Steam (with EU getting the PSN version on Wednesday), Second, we have a stream slated for 11am that shows off new content for this updated version of the game.
Said content is a small bonus that fans should get a kick out of, even if you already played the 3DS version to death. More on Tuesday, over at our Twitch channel!

Have you downloaded the demo for Resident Evil: Revelations yet? If so, what are your thoughts on the polished version for Wii U? As always, let us know in the comment section.


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Lan said:

Wonder if we'll have Wii Remote support...and I wonder how it controls on PC.



Mqblank said:

@GamerJunkie Download the demo and try it as you may be pleasantly surprised. The 3DS game is the best RE game I've played since RE4.



SCAR said:

I'm downloading in in the mid west. It's 12 a.m. here. It said that the Wii U was connected to a 3DS when I went to check download status, which obviously isn't the case.
It should be downloaded in 5 min.



DESS-M-8 said:

@GamerJunkie Because resident evil 6 isn't actually any good whereas one play through of this demo will show you, this is actually a really very good resident evil



SCAR said:

I think the demo shows what it needs to. I still don't like how they decided to use more of an animation for opening doors. That's what 4 and 5 did right. It's a pretty good game, but 4 and the REmake of 1 for GCN will always be the best.



Lan said:

Yep, looks like an upscaled 3DS game. I still urge anyone who hasn't played it to give it a try, best RE since 4. Too bad there's no Wii Remote support



WaveGhoul said:

RE1, 3, 2 and the Remake are the crispy cream of the RE crop. Revelations was hit and miss, it's like you have to trudge through the junk(mindless shoot out episodes) to get to that classic 'n tastey tootsie roll pop filling, aka..Jill + Ship. Evem then, i just didn't find it that fun taking down the Ooz's. And I'm butt hurt over the fact that those close minded bone heads over at Crapcom decided to not include Wii pointer controls as a secondary control scheme.

But eh, i'm still going to get it because I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Game Pad's screen is put to use. Hopefully not just as a Map and Item inventory...



SCAR said:

From what I saw from the demo, all the GamePad is used for is what you just described as a non-want. Map and inventory. You don't even use the scanner with the GamePad.



SCAR said:

This game will be fun for many, but Capcom most likely ditched Wii U only options to cut back dev time and sell it before Nintendo warps everyone's minds with their games or whatever.



originaljohn said:

Miiverse might come in handy when the game gets released. I will get the demo, but wont buy the game until there's Wii Remote pointer support!



RainbowGazelle said:

@DESS-M-8 The poster on the blog is in California, which is 8 hours behind UK time. Perhaps he was referring to Pacific Time which would make this video live at 7pm UK time.



fluggy said:

Loved parts of the 3ds game .... Zenobia was brill. Action bits in Office and ice station with those 2 dorks were pants! Just played hd demo. . . not impressed. Graphics aren't impressive - in fact, Resi 5 looks better. No decent use of gamepad is another disappointment . . . not even for scanning.!! This remake gave them chance to fix the enemy's nonexistent reaction to bullets too ...... Nada!!! Won't be buying this!!



MrPanic said:

Funny, the demo was only around 350mb on xbox.

The demo sucked though imo, it's seemed like they took the most boring part of the game or something, the 3ds demo was way more entertaining.



dcgamer said:

i downloaded it last night and have completed the demo 3 times already. the demo is short and somewhat dull but it does show off what the game can do, I have played it on the Wii U gamepad and on the TV with the Pro Controller and its a fun game overall. I already pre-ordered it and will sure be using the Wii U-only features. Looks OK graphics wise, but seems the Gamepad screen has a really good resolution that the games look sleek running on it. I've got only Assassin's Creed 3 to compare with my experience of the Wii U remoteplay and gamepad features, but this game has me pumped since it has same options, plus it looks like the gameplay is similar to RE4 which is the best in series. And yea the demo ended being 500something MB on my Wii U after install. I never played the original 3ds version but just beat RE4 and playing Darkside Chronicles lately so this is a good game to get if you have a Wii U. Naysayers who worship Xbox and the PS3 will be playing the same game but won't have the, albeit minimal but very satisfying (remote play on the gamepad is remarkably fun), extra features making the Wii U version the best to get.

I agree they should've made the Wii U version akin to how RE4 controlled on the Wii (that was perfect use of the wiimote imo), as it seems alot of ammo is lost with the aiming scheme the demo showed off, but that'll just make the game challenging I guess.

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