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Dress To Play: Magic Bubbles Coming To North America On 16th May

Posted by Orla Madden

Clothes and bubbles galore

Coder Child and Enjoy-Up games have today announced that upcoming 3DS eShop title, Dress To Play: Magic Bubbles, will burst onto the virtual store in North America this month, on 16th May.

Similar to Dress To Play: Cute Witches, the game allows you to accessorise your own character - male or female - as you wish. There are thousands of ways to create your character; pink hair, purple hair, you name it, it's all there.

Once your doppelganger is created, embark on a wondrous adventure involving a powerful washing machine and bubbles — a strange combination, but that's how this game rolls. You unlock plenty more prizes and clothes for your dressing room the more you play.

The game features a two-player mode using the same 3DS, where you can challenge a friend and beat them by capturing more bubbles.

Dress To Play: Magic Bubbles will be available for download at the fine price of $3.99. Will you purchase the game when it's released next week? As always, let us know by leaving a magical comment below.

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Windy said:

I'm gonna get this I'm a sucker for clothing collections. Wish it was an RPG clothing collection but I will give this a run



Morpheel said:

Looks a lot better than the previous game, this one might even end up in my 3DS if the conditions are right.



Vallu said:

What's the point of the dressing part if you don't even use the character you dressed like in the previous game?



Nintendojuenger said:

It is far away from Magical Drop. It is a mix of elements. The nearest common known Puzzler is Puyo Puyo/ Puyo Pop - but upside down.



C-Olimar said:

This actually looks good. The first was OK but too limited - this looks much improved!

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