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Capcom Outlines June DLC for Resident Evil Revelations

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

And no, it doesn't include new levels

A good while ago we picked up on the news that the Resident Evil Revelations re-release would have paid-DLC for its Raid mode, the arcade-style single and multiplayer shooting-fest that's actually a bit of a highlight. Details have now emerged via Capcom Unity, for those that just can't resist spending money on extra guns and characters.

It all kicks off on 4th June, with two weapon packs — Resistance Set and Enhancement Set — which each have six custom parts to boost your existing arsenal; these will be $1.99 / €1.99 each. Then on 11th June there'll be two new characters for Raid mode — Rachael Ooze and Lady Hunk — which will set you back $2.99 / €2.99 each. Finally on 18th June there'll be some additional weapons for Jill, Parker and Jessica; these will set you back $0.99 / €0.99 for each gun. UK prices haven't been provided, but will likely be a little lower due to exchange rates.

In truth we would have preferred new levels and chapters — along the lines of the DLC for the likes of Assassin's Creed III — but that would have required a great deal more effort and investment on Capcom's part. Perhaps juicier content will be announced as a surprise in the coming weeks; we can only hope.


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Aviator said:

I've never played Raid mode, but seeing as how I have bought most (except for one mode) of the DLC on 6, I presume I'll buy most of this.



Einherjar said:

I never saw the point of weapon packs. If they are more powerful than the stuff you can find ingame, it breaks the game, if they are less powerful, its a waste of money. And i dont think that these packs contain entirely new weapon types, which would make them pretty worthwhile. I didnt play the game for quite some time. Are weapon types locked for certain characters ? If yes, new characters could be interesting, if not and everyone can be set up freely, they are a bit pricy, since it would be nothing more than a new skin.
To be honest, id also would have liked some new stages. Why not recycle some of the other games merc modes ?

@Aviator You missed the best part of the game to be honest Raid mode was really nice. A bit like mercs with a lot more depth and customization to it.




GRR WHEN IS CAPCOM GONNA LEARN WE WANT A FULL GAME NOT THIS DLC S#IT!! Is it such a huge sin to actually add some new content on the disc?? Especally to a game that's over a YEAR old and is a port from a handheld!!

If you buy ANY of that stuff your the problem atleast wait for an actually new level or something. It just makes them think "hmm maybe people actually like being RIPPED OFF!! "



valcoholic said:

Money makin', money money makin' Super disco, disco breakin'

every DLC published that shortly after a games launch is nothing but profit-driven bullpoopy. EA says 'welcome to the club, amigos'
It's not like Capcom isn't capable of creating quite more creative DLC than that.



MAB said:

I will splurge on Barry Burton if available but the game already had enough guns to sink the Queen Zenobia to begin with and alot of them were useless... I would like a mansion and Raccoon city map



Banker-Style said:

Alternative skins,and extra weapons,really doesn't sum up DLC for me.This DLC should've been included with the game.End off.

If Capcom gave us some new levels though ,then we can talk.



Smug43 said:

So $12 for the guns alone??? No, just no! I never supported DLC and I certainly won't start even though I'm buying the game for the second time. It's a great game, but this crap has to STOP!!!!!!!!



SkywardLink98 said:

Some DLC makes sense, some doesn't. DLC should be used as extra levels, chracters, etc. as content created after the game. They shouldn't be making content pre-launch and putting it aside.



andreoni79 said:

Here in Europe the Wii U version is cheaper than PS3 and 360 versions!
Only € 60 for a game released in January 2012!!!
And we can even spend more money with new, incredible, useless DLC!!!
What's going on with this people?!?



GamerJunkie said:

If you pre-ordered the game on Steam, then you got all of the Season Pass/DLC and even free games as part of the deal with soundtrack, art book also. So for me it was a no-go on Wii U.

"everyone who pre-orders on Steam will get an art book and 13-song soundtrack when the game launches. Next up is tier two, a free copy of 2007's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition that Capcom will distribute shortly after that pre-order goal is reached. Tier three promises "more weapons and more characters" for Raid mode, with four pieces of additional content to be revealed after the game's launch, all part of the Season Pass."



AceTrainerBean said:

I hate when they purposely don't include stuff on the disk then charge for it these so called DLC they are releasing should have been in game rewards. I don't mind new levels but even then new levels should be designed after a game is released not before



Mr_Vengeance said:


Thing is though, this stuff should be in the game.... and to be frank, it probably is, its just been cut or locked off so as to be resold to the consumer shortly after the game launches. Its short term gain for Capcom, as people clearly do buy this syuff, but in the long run it is going to cost them I believe. Peoples' psychological contract with the company will deminish over time. If Capcom want to see how DLC should be done, they should take a butchers at New Super Luigi U.



Smug43 said:

They might as well take out the "rare" guns and make you pay for them. This is pretty much what they are doing.. it almost makes me want to stay mobile.. there is a LOT less of that crap being pulled!



jayblue said:

i remember when games included extras that you had to unlock,now they just fleece money from you and call it downloadable rip offs.



Aviator said:

@GamerJunkie No that's not how it works. Steams pre-order tiers unlock in accordance to how many people pre-order them. So far, the art book and Lost Planet have been unlocked, but you won't get the season pass at the moment.



Yosher said:

Bleh. Not a fan of paid DLC zo shortly after release, but probably will get the characters. Gotta wonder what 'Lady Hunk' is though.



GamerJunkie said:

Well I pre-ordered resident evil 6 on steam and it came with resident evil 5, the whole season pass and a ton of other goodies. (revelations idk if they got it all since I got 6 and skipped that game).

I will never buy a game on Wii U that is available on PC because PC games are cheaper and also come with bonus content free most times or cheaper too.



Neram said:

Hmm, not exactly much incentive there. I could care less about paying real money for in-game items.



hcfwesker said:

I remember the good ol days in Resident Evil when things like these were unlocked by getting "S" ranks and you earned them, not paid.



b23cdq said:

I definitely prefer the way monster hunter does dlc, you pay for it with in-game credits.

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