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Wii U Version Of Isometric Action Adventure Bloom: Memories "Definitely" On The Cards

Posted by Damien McFerran

Gorgeous-looking RPG has the approval of Jenova Chen and David Jaffe

Bloom: Memories developer Studio Fawn has confirmed to us that the game will most certainly be coming to the Wii U eShop — if it can reach its Kickstarter goal of $50,000.

The title is described as "an epic adventure about the love between a mother and her child" and is currently in development for Windows and Mac. The creators cite The Legend of Zelda as a key influence.

Fawn's Dani Landers told us exclusively:

We definitely plan on a Wii U version after the initial release (since we are such a tiny team, doing a simultaneous release across all of our planned platforms is difficult). This also gives us a little extra time to implement some Wii U specific controls and test to take full-advantage of what the system has to offer.

The Kickstarter has 8 days remaining and has so far raised just over $20,000. Will you be pledging your support based on the promise of a Wii U edition?


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Rafie said:

Ahhh so this is where David Jaffe went after he left Santa Montica studios. Thanks for the stories for God of War 1-3. They were great. So naturally the story for this will be great. A Wii U pick up for me when it's released!



Damo said:

Regarding the typo - sorry guys, we just got a Virtual Boy delivered in the office and I think I might have become a little distracted...



GeminiSaint said:

Heheh, dude looks like a chick
Anyway, that's not isometric. Super Mario RPG is isometric. The Mega Man Battle Network series is isometric. This game isn't.



TonIttou said:

@Nintenjoe64 True, my guess is spell check is changing it to defiantly in that instance. Very close to a malapropism when that happens though!



cornishlee said:

Looks interesting, I'll certainly keep an eye on it.

Not sure what it says about me that I didn't notice but thanks for the link - that's an interesting article.



Melkaticox said:

"an epic adventure about the love between a mother and her child"


... ... ...

Mother 3?

@Apollo_Justice Well, it seems like the Wii U is the easier...easiest?-to-develop console for indies. Take that, Sony!



Neram said:

I'm sorry, but there's a show with judges like American Idol but for video games? What!? That's hilarious.

The game looks alright I guess.



ACK said:

How do we know they aren't using us desperate Wii U owners to generate enough interest to blast through their goal?

I don't doubt if they get plenty of backing that they'll look at Wii U (and all platforms), but currently I see no guarantees and in lieu of the fact that most kick starter projects seem to experience a bump when promised to Wii U fans... If you have no official confirmation, why make such a ponderous statement without approaching your initial milestone? Count me as skeptical... Yet reasonably hopeful..

When are we going to start squinting at all the kickstarter projects looking for essentially free investment capital without one project yet delivering any significant gameplay?

Look, I'm as idealistic and optimistic as anyone. But when the market is losing it's carrying capacity, the wolves grow weary, desperate, and vicious.



Apollo_Justice said:

@Melkaticox While I don't disagree on Wii U and indie development, Sony has actually been lauded as being easy to develop games for. This was especially evident at this year's GDC, which saw a number of indie games make the transition to Vita and PS3 (usually through the PSN store). In fact, a few developers, including Brian Provinciano, the creator of Retro City Rampage, hosted a panel to detail how easy it was to make indie games on Sony's platforms, and this was all put together without any aid from Sony.

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