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Vote For Mushrooms Or Bananas In Nintendo UK's Mario Kart 7 Community Race Night

Posted by Damien McFerran

Takes place this Wednesday

Nintendo UK's Mario Kart 7 Community Race Nights have been going from strength to strength, and for this week's event the company is giving fans the chance to answer that age-old question: which is better, the mushroom or the banana?

By posting a comment on Nintendo UK's official Facebook page, you can influence the choice of power-up.

At the time of writing, the humble mushroom seems to be the clear winner, but there's still time for that to change.

Cast your vote and post a comment here to tell us what you picked!


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Hunter-D said:

Don't use FB, but if I got the chance to play/vote I'd go with Bananas. MK is all about the hectic multiplayer.



Lin1876 said:

I won't vote since I won't be able to race (sorry, but football does take precedence when it's a title-deciding match), but it has to be bananas. They're the quinisential item which rewards strategy and punishes inattention.



GoombaJMR said:

Even though they are both amazing, Mushrooms would be my pick (I wont be voting). In my opinion, knowing where every burst shortcut is is very important, and each time you save a mushroom and use it there, it can get you a win, and when all of the players know the cuts, the action gets even more hectic than those with me on that!

The intensity of each race is also raised and when you place in the top 3, an over-satisfying feeling will come about...



gefflt said:

Bananas all the way!

What's more satisfying that dropping a banana behind you only to see and hear your character rejoycing, a few seconds later, when an opponent has made the unfortunate mistake of driving over it?



WiiLovePeace said:

Bananas definitely! A mushrooms only race would benefit only those who know the tracks off the back of their hand. Whereas a bananas only race requires skills with throwing & luck when turning a corner, much more exciting, challenging & fun imo haha



steamhare said:

Bananas are better, overall. They can really complicate a race with new hazards and a particularly devious player can add a few death traps for players driving from memory. An all mushroom race is pretty static and doesn't test players ability to adapt in the same way.




I don't have anything against Bananas in Mario Kart 7 , which btw I will admit do require skill in trying to get your opponent to get tripped up over them. But to me, I have to go with Mushrooms. Hate me if you want to all, but to me, there's NOTHING that says enjoying wild races without Mushrooms in the mix.



Linkuini said:

I usually don't have much success with banana peels in Mario Kart. Heck, I usually end up slipping over the same ones I dropped the previous lap. Am I the only one...?



Bulbousaur said:

Its better to get a mushroom in a normal race, but when it comes to one-item-only races, bananas are definitely better.




@Bulby & @HeatBombastic

Like I said before, and NOTE: I REALLY don't have nothing against Bananas. But my point I'm trying to point out is that even though Bananas are a great DAM item to use, after awhile, they tend to get a bit stale MOSTLY in defense for when you're trying to leave them out for your opponents to slip up on them on track. Yes, they make a great tool for when you have to heave them ahead of you trying to get someone ahead of you to trip up over them, but mostly with that, it's more of a game of chance to me. The only reason I like Mushrooms and vote towards that item is basically due to the reason that nowadays, it's mostly hard trying to play keep up with someone if you don't have one unless you catch a wind drift from them when you're up very close behind them.



Grodus said:

Mushrooms if I had FB.

EDIT: I'm sorry, I thought it was which is better in a race, not which is better in a one item only race. In that case, it's bananas for me.

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