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Nintendo Letter Box Update Now Live In Europe

Posted by Damien McFerran

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Last week, we reported that North American 3DS owners could download an update for the Swapnote application which added a flood of cool new features. The European version of the app — known as Nintendo Letter Box — wasn't so lucky, however.

Thankfully, Europe has now caught up with the US and if you're based in The Old World and you connect to the 3DS eShop, you should see a notification telling you that an update for Nintendo Letter Box is available. You can now take photos and audio during the composition of a note, filter notes by sender and use a different colour for each page of the message.

Let us know if you've downloaded the app and what you think.

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dizzy_boy said:

This was the first of the updates the came out later than advertised. Now where's the one for the WiiU?



RupeeClock said:

Yeah, it was live a while ago.
The new update is very good, Nikki sends new notes that introduce new features, you can speed up and slow down the drawing process animation, take photos and sound recordings from within the application, use multiple colours per notes, attach photos and sounds to replies, has an undo/redo button, it feels like a much more full-fledged application now.



Damo said:

Yep, we missed this one last week - reporting it today just in case people aren't aware that it's live.



RedYoshi999 said:

The best thing about this update is being able to delete up to 30 messages at once! Makes it so much easier to clean out my inbox.



Digital-Deviant said:

One thing seems to be missing and I'm sure I recall this feature being announced:

Reply to replies, tried to do it, but it seems I may have dreamt it?



HADAA said:

@Digital-Deviant You can't reply to replies. You simply have to write a new note. The new feature being announced is the ability to send attachments when you reply to someone's note.

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