Kickstarter has become a popular way for small indie developers to fund their projects, with games like Shovel Knight being targeted for release via the Nintendo eShop, but every so often there's a campaign that aims for something a little different.

New Jersey-based developer Island Officials is looking to release their new DS game, Orion's Odyssey: A Pattern Blocks Adventure, as a boxed retail release.

While releasing a new DS title in the age of 3DS and digital downloads is a big risk, it's not unheard of. Last year, Jason Rohrer with Music by Tom Bailey: Diamond Trust of London led a successful Kickstarter campaign and was released as a physical product, complete with box and manual. Island Officials has previously released puzzler Hands On! Tangrams for DS, which was published by Storm City Games.

The Kickstarter goal is $85,412 and ends on 19th May. There are a variety of rewards for backers.

What do you think to the idea of buying a boxed indie game for the DS in this day and age? Would you rather see it released as DSiWare or via the eShop? Let us know in the comments section.