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Bass and Treble Figures Turning Up In The U.S. This Summer

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Will join Mega Man and Rush pack

The 25th anniversary of Mega Man continues to be celebrated in a number of beautiful, non-interactive ways!

Capcom Senior Online/Community Manager, Brett Elston, confirmed through his blog that a combo pack of Mega Man’s rivals Bass and Treble will arrive in the U.S. this summer. Produced by D-Arts/Bandai/Tamashii Nations, the 4.5-inch tall Bass includes interchangeable faces and the Bass Buster. Treble apparently needs no additions and gets by on his inherent awesomeness.

D-Arts has previously released Mega Man/Rush and Vile in the U.S. The Bass and Treble pack is expected to go for $43.99. Do any of you plan to pick this up?


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ouroborous said:

cool, not really the most famous characters from the megaman series' though and that's possibly pricey for a toy or figurine. but at least you hopefully get both for that price.



Steveovig said:

Why did I originally read this as Mega Man and Bass coming to the US on the VC or eShop? Now, the sadness is kicking in that I was wrong.



Capt_N said:

Capcom, a game, please? There's this thing called money in it for you. No one is insulting these figurines like they could. It's just that, Capcom, if you're reading this, We, your fans. Want. A. New. MegaMan. Game!

The price for those figurines is a bit ridiculous. Though, they do look cool.



Jarod said:

cool one of my fav characters and his trusty companion getting this for sure



MitchVogel said:

I first read the headline as a new game starring Bass and Treble was announced. Disappointment abounds...



gundam00 said:

OMG Want so bad!!!! $43.99 sounds high, but you get two figures. I really like the all the figures they've been releasing over the past year, especially the X figure. I just don't have the budget right now for figurines



Jukilum said:

There are still about 7 1/2 months left of the 25th anniversary. At the very least Capcom is doing more for this franchise's 25th than Nintendo did for Metroid's.



Raycon said:

@Jukilum Well if you go by Capcom's "logic" that this is still celebrating the 25th anniversary, doesn't Nintendo still have time to announce something for Metroid's 25th anniversary too?



Jukilum said:

@Raycon I suppose so. It was really late when I posted my previous comment and miscalculated this year as being Megaman's 25th instead of last year.



Henmii said:

Looks like Megaman fans can do 2 things: Play the old games or buy merchandise for eternity!

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