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Video: An Ultimate Monster Hunter Gives a Masterclass

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Less gathering, more hunting

Quite a number of us have probably, judging by the popularity of the subject within the community's forums, been playing a fair bit of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and Wii U. It's a title that — given the chance to sink its claws in — can be difficult to put down.

Still, advancing to the stage where you can claim to be a master of the game, and ultimately face some of its fiercest creatures, can take dozens and dozens of hours of play. It also takes a fair bit of skill, but Nintendo Australia nevertheless recently ran a contest to find the best Monster Hunter player down under, with the winner having a chance to show off their skills in an official video for the game.

The winner was Robert from Victoria — for some reason we aren't treated to his surname — and he takes on one of the tough G-Rank creatures, showing off his quick thumbs and impressive collection of potions in the process. You can check out the video but, be warned, he's hunting a monster from quite far into the game, so it's a spoiler with a hefty tail and big teeth.

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@ErnisDy Try Gunlance or Long Sword. He's weak to fire and lightning. Also, those kinds of missions tend to be harder than the actual quests in the game because of the equipment you're forced to use



HeatBombastic said:

I'm a Monster Hunter Beginner and I have a question. From what I can tell he's playing as a female hunter. Are there any strategical reason he is playing as a female, or is it just for the sake of being female?



47drift said:

I really like how he never uses lock-on. Makes me feel so amateurish.



Fiv3Score said:

Lock on is more necessary for 3ds players without a cop. This makes me want to try dual blades, hehe. But ill farm those dash juices from R. ludroth first



DePapier said:

I just tried the game and I didn't thought it would be that awesome. It obviously was hyped for a good reason, because now I'm loving it.



MAB said:

MH is easy when you get into the rhythm of it... Some gamers just aren't very good at games and tend to run back to their Tomb Raider and Battlefield safe havens where they get held by the hand and walked through to the end



AceTrainerBean said:

Love this game way to much it's my first monster hunter and I just love it so much! The series just got a new life long fan



Drawdler said:

I'm loving the Wii U version... 3DS version on the other hand, I don't even have yet because I forgot to preorder it and the rest my store got were all preordered! I hope I can get it soon, I want to waste my life on this.



zionich said:

Finally broke the Qurupeco beak last night and got my fire axe and shield. Royal Ludroth, im coming for you!!

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