Last summer we directed you to a music track from rapper Richie Branson, called Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, which combined rap with enough game references to satisfy almost anyone. He's now returning with a new album that's focused on SNES classic Chrono Trigger, and to celebrate the 18th Anniversary since its arrival on 11th March 1995 he's released a song from the album on YouTube, while making three tracks in total available for free.

The first single's YouTube video is below — Bring Back Chrono (All I Had) — with classic game footage and a message that, ultimately, serves as a dedication to the game and a hope for the series to make a full return.

The album will be called From Guardia With Love and will apparently be available to buy in the next few weeks; details and a free download of three tracks — including this single — can be found on the album's official web page. Please be warned that while the lead single is clean, the additional two tracks in the free download include some bad language.

So, what do you think of this latest game-themed rap from Richie Branson?