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Nintendo Japan Is Joining The Nintendo Direct Love This Valentine's Day

Posted by Orla Madden

Not one, not two, but three dates this Valentine's Day

Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe both have Nintendo Direct presentations happening today, and now the inevitable Japanese broadcast has been announced - with the presentation streaming at 9 AM ET / 6 AM PT.

Similar to the European broadcast, the 3DS will be the star of the show in the Japanese Nintendo Direct, leaving Nintendo of America the only one showing off Wii U content.

As always, we'll have live coverage of today's announcements, so crack open a bottle of your finest wine, sit at your computer with a tea-light candle and have an unusual romantic date with Nintendo Life on this fine day.

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19Robb92 said:

That's nice. I'll be watching the one with Reggie though, since I think he's the most pleasant one in the bunch to listen to.



fchinaski said:

DQ VII remake for Europe please. (I'm losing hope that DQM: Terry's Wonderland 3DS will ever be localized anyways.)

Also, the announcement of the Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem crossover makes me hope that we'll see a localization of SMT IV, but these games take so long to localize that I don't guess we'll see an announcement anytime soon.



Peach64 said:

Very nice to see Japan have one. I wouldn't have expected any new game announcements if only Europe and North America were doing a direct.

Come on new Mario and Luigi RPG/Original Zelda/GBA games on 3DS virtual console! fingers crossed



Tsuchinoko said:

Awesome. Yeah I see the Japanese page was JUST updated. I was waiting for this. Now us Japanese residents have something to look forward too as well, instead of just Japanese developed games moving to the west, we might have announcements of new games! (and yeah I know there's western developed games, but so many of those don't come here).

I'll be waiting in anticipation! (or is it WITH anticipation, or forgot my English).



gavn64 said:

miiverse 3ds, new zelda, 2d metroid, and DLC for super mario 3d land and mario kart 7 please oh and release dates for animal crossing luigis mansion and fire emblem oh and one more thing 3D WARS (i doubt it will be called advance wars anymore)



NintyMan said:

Giving Japan a Valentine treat increases the chances of something big getting announced, but I'm keeping expectations under control, as usual.

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