For Europe, the wait is finally over. At the stroke of midnight on November 30th the Wii U was released into the wild, and there's no better way to celebrate such a thing than to hold a big midnight launch event at HMV’s flagship store on Oxford Street, London.

People flocked from far and wide to get a piece of the action, some of them have even been camping outside since Saturday morning! It been a cold week but that didn’t put people off as hundreds of avid fans queued up outside the store in anticipation for Nintendo’s latest home console.

Once the bell tolled the party really got started with people rushing to the tills with their paper and plastic desperate to get hold of what they came for! Of course Mario was in attendance and handed over the first Wii U console to the lucky Izzy Rahman who can now pack up his tent and head home a happy man. The first 100 people who bought a Wii U also picked up a free copy of New Super Mario Bros. U as well as another game of their choice courtesy of Nintendo – a nice reward for braving the elements for so long. The next 100 people received a slightly less exciting £5 voucher while all of the first 500 customers got themselves a Nintendo goody bag.

ZombiU was of course a big hit on the night with many keen gamers getting their hands on a copy of the survival horror game. Ubisoft were pushing the title hard and sent a flock of rambling zombies into the store to give a few customers a scare – of course it was a late one so a few of them could have just been tired fans, it’s hard to tell.

Were you at the event last night? We’d love to hear what you all think of your shiny new Wii Us so let us know in the comments below!