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"What is Wii U?" Adverts Start Quizzing Gamers

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Depends on the game, of course

With all of the hubbub and excitement it may be possible that some Nintendo fans have forgotten about us Europeans and PAL gamers, still waiting for Wii U to arrive. It's actually the worst for Japanese gamers who'll get the system last — what were the odds on that a year ago?

In any case, for many of us the pre-launch hype is still very much in action, and Nintendo has produced a series of new adverts with a "what is Wii U" theme, designed to show off the variety of game experiences available on launch day. There are a number of short 20 second versions, but there are also two longer videos that combine the various features being shown off. We've included both of these for you below; they're very similar, but there is different game footage in each.

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triforcepower73 said:

....Surprisingly good. The acting wasn't half bad. Their reactions were more like a group of friends playing together and they weren't smiling gaily the whole time.



Buzzthebatgirl said:

I was quite surprised with that, good surprised. Wii U is for everyone - however the commercials did make it seem like the console is for men . Also Skylanders Giants in the showreel - ^_^



Monsti said:

I really wonder what nationalirty those people actually are. Same spot exists in German as well. ^^



WanderingPB said:

…well i was quite surprised on how good this commercial actually is! And as for reaching the hardcore gamers well the system and games speak for themselves because the truth is that there will always be people complaining about something…as for me im really enjoying my Wii U and am curious what future updates and games are coming?



gohanrage said:

I absolutely Love these Commercials I think they should be on American TV. I could tell by the Ratings on the Box that it was a European Commercial.



DrSlump said:

What's a wii u? It's simple: a freezing machine. Nintendo " U let Wii down".



Henmii said:

Not bad! These actually show gameplay, unlike the Wii ones!!

Also, the girl that wants to watch the tv. She looks sweet! Is she french?

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