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Limited Edition Pink 3DS XL Available Online In North America

Posted by Orla Madden

Pretty in pink

Nintendo of America has announced on its Twitter feed today the availability of the Pink 3DS XL. The cute coloured system is available in limited quantities, and you must be a member of the shopping site Gilt to purchase it.

The Pink 3DS XL will come as part of two bundles - one with Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and the other with Style Savvy: Trendsetters - each going for $219.99.

Are any of you thinking of purchasing either of these bundles, or does the colour pink not appeal to you? Just in case you missed it earlier, China has its own special 3DS XL bundles on the way. We're holding out for a purple one with lime green spots, personally.


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Morpheel said:

That's got to be the worst hue of pink I have ever seen in my life.



gefflt said:

THAT's what we get in North America?

And why would it come bundled with Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask? Now people who aren't familiar with the series will think it's a girly kind of game.



Morpheel said:

After all, people who like pink don't deserve the option to get their console with a non girl-specific game.


(Protip: Sarcasm)



Lilifish said:

Just after getting the pink model Nintendo announced these cute ones. I wish there was an option to get the console without the game, but I'm happy with mine!



sillygostly said:

@gefflt : I could be wrong, but puzzle games are often marketed to women, and I have seen older women in the DS section of department stores scoping for quality puzzle games, so it's not all that unusual. The Professor Layton series seems to be popular with both men and women alike (perhaps less so with children).



Nardar said:

I don't see this selling that well plus this isn't a Holiday bundle. So I am still waiting to hear what NOA is going announce for the 3DS XL.



Handy_Man said:

"We're holding out for a purple one with lime green spots, personally."

You want a Barney 3DS XL?



Mowzle said:

Well, I love my silver 3DS XL, but if I WERE after a pink one, I actually think that's a lovely shade of pink - sorry Morphtroid!
Having said that, I do generally avoid possible gender specific colours in my technology, and it's pretty irrelevant as I live in the UK anyway.

PS Lets say I wouldn't be looking to sell it on if I won it in a raffle!



Morpheel said:

I don't know if it's my screen, but it looks like a pretty sickly and lifeless shade of pink to me.



TeeJay said:

Even for those interested in THAT shade of pink, that white bar at the top completely ruins it.



Millenia said:

WHAT >< OMG. -fangirls- I have been waiting for the perfect 3DS XL and it seems that time has come. -BUYS-



Shiromikio said:

The pink/white XL looks all right, but I'd much rather have full white or silver. Slowly getting there ... hoping for news later this month on the holiday lineup.



Phle said:

Amazing! Please don't make it to Europe, I can't afford buying one, but I'm afraid I can't resist... It looks so perfect (Ö_Ö)



sinalefa said:

I am with the people wanting the silver model. The price for this bundle is great, though. Getting a new Layton for $20 sounds like a steal.



Candy811 said:

I want this so badly, too bad its limited cause I plan on buying another 3DS XL and giving this blue one to my boyfriend. I will wait until they release pink again in north america.



SyFyTy said:

How can Reggie possibly think we want PINK more than we would want white (on original release)? This mans logic skills leave much to be desired if we are to believe his reasoning. PS I bought a great hard cover off of a certain large online store-community, and it makes the 3ds look like the cover is a whole other color without appearing to be a cover, or without adding much weight. The cover is feather weight, wafer thin, made of aluminum (with felt insides) and best of all, it had and needs no hinges (to break). Best cover for my DS products ever. Alas, there are no white covers, I got black.



Mordresh said:

I'm glad Nintendo Europe launched the full White 3DSXL last year. There's certain charm to the pink/white, but I don't see myself carrying one around. I did however buy the pure white one, excellence and graceful.

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