We've been paying a lot of attention to Bravely Default: Flying Fairy here at Nintendo Life, mainly because it looks like a high quality 3DS RPG from Square Enix. With an attractive art-style and seemingly plenty of interesting gameplay to offer, we're sure that others are also keen to see a Western release.

One thing that's stood out with this title so far is the effort that's gone into giving it a stylish, memorable image: the goodies in the collector's pack, for example, can't have done any harm as this game surged to the top of the Japanese charts in its début week. One of the included items in this special edition — also available separately — is the official soundtrack, and it's maintaining the rather cool approach that Square Enix is taking with this release.

Below is an unboxing from OSVchannel on YouTube, which shows off the various stylish touches and concept art samples that are included in the packaging. So why are we posting this? Mainly because the case has a pop-up section when opened up, which makes our inner-child and collector very happy.

[via destructoid.com]