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Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct Confirmed for Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Remember to breathe

If Nintendo has one focus this week, it seems to be to remind us about 3DS. The handheld is only in its second year, after all, and has its share of big releases due in the coming months.

One upcoming title that's high on a lot of 3DS wish-lists is Animal Crossing: Jump Out, which isn't due in North America and Europe until 2013, apparently due to the amount of localisation work required. Japan doesn't have anywhere near as long to wait, with the eagerly-anticipated new entry arriving on 8th November, which is no doubt the motivation for Nintendo to start up the hype train with a themed Nintendo Direct broadcast on 5th October.

This video of Animal Crossing goodness will go on air at 8pm Japanese time, and if you want to join in and see some footage — and struggle to understand Japanese — then that's 12pm British time / 1pm Central European time, and for you North Americans it's 7am Eastern, 5am Central and 4am Pacific. You'll be able to see it all unfold at the Japanese Nintendo Direct page, and we'll be watching and bringing you the details here on Nintendo Life.


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Morpheel said:

Yay I can't wait for the game to be released in Japan so I can learn everything about it online and ruin the experience before buying the game!



Emaan said:

If only this was "Animal Crossing Nintedo Direct Confirmed for North America and Europe"
But alas, dreams don't come true, not for me anyways.



Justaguest said:

kinda sick of just hearing of games to be released all the time. My 3ds is colecting dust for more than a month now.



Shworange said:

Localization. Bah! Just give me the Japanese version and a Japanese dictionary. That way I can skip over any digs that that bloated elephant witch Eloise has for me.
Join the "No Eloise Club".



DF2506 said:

Can't wait! (wish it was a US/UK Direct too). Hopefully we'll get lots of new footage/info about Animal Crossing 3DS!



AyeHaley said:

Dang gotta love the big N! My most favorite series, I am definitely going to watch that Nintendo Direct! RMC from Gonintendo says Nintendo is doing too many N-Directs but I think: hell no, I love and can't get enough of them! Btw I hope they release that special AC 3DS LL in Europe. Although I'm going to buy the JPN one cause I can't wait any longer. Hèhè.



Boo_Buster said:

Looks like we (English speaking territories like the US and my brothers in the UK) won't be getting this Nintendo Direct until next year. Oh well I guess, Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion should hold my handheld needs over until next year.



Marakuto said:

I remember that they mentioned it earlier in the September Nintendo Direct and all news which we need to know will be mentioned.



Victoria said:

I'm getting kind of bummed out by all the spoilers of the game yet we still have no release date. I've had to stop watching the videos or looking at screen shots or else there will be nothing new to discover in the game at all.



Dodger said:

As long as it is out by May, I'm fine. I'm moving overseas, not sure if I'll have wifi and I don't want to have it shipped to the other side of the world if I don't need it to be.

Seriously though. This game was why I got a 3DS.



Luffymcduck said:

I´m fine with the GameCube version. Wi-Fi in the later versions didn´t really add anything for me, cuz there really isn´t anything fun to do with your friends in AC. It would be a different thing in a 3D Mario like world where you can jump around and do school stunts. I guess that´s just me. One AC and you´ve seen it all.

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