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Shifting World Shuffles into Europe in September

Posted by Mike Mason

Black or white

3DS platform puzzler Shifting World is getting a European release in September, courtesy of Rising Star Games.

Set in a black and white world, you have to make your way through over 60 levels by switching between 2D and 3D to access different platforms and sink through floors to reach locked off areas. As well as the main adventure mode, there'll also be bonus levels and time attack challenges.

Check out the trailer below. Is this something you'll be moving to buy next month?

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Friday 3 August, 2012: Acclaimed video games publisher Rising Star Games is pleased to announce Shifting World for Nintendo 3DS will begin to ship throughout Europe from September 2012.

Based on the incredibly popular SHIFT series played by over 20m players worldwide, Shifting World takes the monochrome style and 2D gameplay to another dimension and adapts the famous gameplay to full 3D.

Introducing an all new art direction, level generator and sumptuous 3D graphics, Shifting World adds a while new dimension to this perspective-teasing series and makes you questions your sense of direction even more! Is the floor the roof, or the roof the floor?

Download the new trailer now


  • Shifting World is the first of the SHIFT series to adapt the famous puzzle gameplay to full 3D
  • Shift the world, from black to white and white to black. Use that to your advantage to overcome the obstacles and find your way out of the room
  • A new layer of perspective: switch from 3D to 2D at the press of a button
  • Over 60 levels total in Adventure Mode, Bonus Mode and Time Attack Mode

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Stuffgamer1 said:

Do you suppose Rising Star Games insisted on some serious fixing? 'Cause this game was kinda seriously garbage when it released in I don't see any reason for anyone to be looking forward to this in Europe.



rayword45 said:

Yeah, they took a game with SERIOUS potential and screwed it up terribly. I see no reason to release this in Europe without serious fixing, while we're at it a patch for the NA version



WiiLovePeace said:

It got a bad review here on NL. I might get it if this doesn't run slowly at times & crash like the american version supposedly does. But I doubt they've fixed anything about the game. The concept looks really fun & I may be tempted to get it if it's cheap, despite the review NL gave.



Rhena said:

It sounds a lot like Crush 3D, which is a pretty enjoyable game, but just the looks of this game, it did not appeal to me at all. I am a Lego/Professor Layton/Ace Attorney fan, and this game did not appeal to me. Maybe a little bit more market research?



Knuckles said:

@Rhena If they don't fix the problems in the NA version, then don't. Wait to see if its the same or fixed



RR529 said:

@CommanderAudio, while this game is in the same series as the :Shift: flash series, it's actually a completely new game built for the 3DS (not a 3D version of the free flash game).

Still, they screwed it up though, so I'll agree that I won't be buying it.



xxAcesHighxx said:

I must say, this looks pretty good. If - and that's a very big IF - they've fixed the issues that plagued the US version, I'll grab this for sure.



xxAcesHighxx said:

Oh, by the way, as well as the SHIFT flash games, this also kinda reminds me of Continuity 2: The Continuation. That's was a fabulous puzzle platformer.



Araknie said:

Ohhhh this is some really nice use of 3D, gotta check this out and see how good it is.



WiiLovePeace said:

I got in contact with Rising Star Games & they said that their testers have gone through & all the bugs have been fixed, also the person I talked to said they had played the game & it ran very smoothly.

This news, plus the fact that the game has a level editor (which strangely wasn't mentioned in the NL review), means I'm definitely going to preorder & day 1 buy the game. Anyone interested should give it a go too, heck since the bugs will be fixed NL should review the PAL version.



Philip_J_Reed said:

This news, plus the fact that the game has a level editor (which strangely wasn't mentioned in the NL review)

It's not that didn't have a level editor.



WiiLovePeace said:

Whoops! Sorry I accused you of missing something in your review that didn't actually exist in the game @Philip_J_Reed Untitled Although unlikely, I hope NL at least considers reviewing the European version since its got all these improvements over the North American version.



Philip_J_Reed said:

No worries! I wonder if the bugs really have been addressed. If so, it really would increase the enjoyability of the game. Fingers crossed for our EU friends!



rayword45 said:

If the bugs are fixed, will the review be amended? I'm pretty sure that's what brought it down to a 3.



Philip_J_Reed said:

It will not be, as that review is tagged as a review of the US version, and it should not be given reconsideration based on fixes or features exclusive to other regions. I can't say as to whether or not the EU version will get a separate review, as...I'm not in the EU.



WiiLovePeace said:

Are there any games on NL that have multiple reviews for different regions? I haven't seen any before...



rayword45 said:

@Philip_J_Reed What if those flaws were patched via the eShop? Highly unlikely, but still a possibility.

I really do hope we get a patched version, because this title interests me so much (loved the Flash versions) but the low ratings scare me, even if I've disagreed with review sites before.



Philip_J_Reed said:

We're entering the realm of serious hypotheticals with that, so let's see if such a patch is announced before we bother re-scoring it. Bear in mind also that a patch through the eShop would likely be lost on a large section of those who bought it retail, and doesn't change the fact that a buggy, glitched, laggy game was released to shops.

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