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Shifting World is first of the SHIFT series to adapt the famous puzzle gameplay to full 3D.

Shift the world, from black to white and white to black. Use that to your advantage to overcome the game’s obstacles and find your way out of the room.
A new layer of puzzles: switch from 3D to 2D and from 2D to 3D with a button.
Over 60 levels total in Adventure Mode, Bonus Mode and Time Attack Mode!

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Less was more

In 2008, a Flash-based platformer/puzzle game called Shift was released online. Its gameplay was a model of brilliant simplicity: levels were constructed from black and white blocks, and the Shift key would flip the room upside down, turn background...

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WolfRamHeart said:

I got the original game through PlayStation Plus. It really is a fun, addicting and creative puzzle-platform game. I am interested in seeing how this new 3D version will turn out. Amazon is taking pre-orders for it now, looks like it will retail for $29.99. If you would like to learn more about this game check out this interview with the game's developers: http://indiegames.com/2012/02/interview_fishing_cactus_on_shi.html

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