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New Documentry Celebrates The World's Unsung Tetris Masters

Posted by Damien McFerran

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Everyone loves Tetris, right? Everyone from your grandma to Steve Wozniak, in fact! But for some people, the most famous video game ever to emerge from Russia is much more than just a way to waste a few minutes while waiting for the bus - it's a way of life, a challenge which defines and shapes their existence.

Tetris lover Robin Mihara has made it his aim to uncover these individuals, and has produced a documentary entitled Ecstasy of Order, which we reported on briefly back in July.

Here's the rub from the official site:

Tetris. We’ve all played it, rotating the pieces (“tetrominoes”) and dropping them in the perfect place, or despairing as we discover a piece won’t fit. You may have even joked about “mastering” the game during a stint of unemployment, or as a child, before you could afford any other Game Boy cartridges. But what about the people who’ve truly mastered Tetris? Where are the Kasparovs and Fischers, the great champions who’ve dedicated their minds to solving its deepest puzzles?

One man made it his mission to find them. In an effort to legitimize Tetris as a pro sport, Tetris super-fan Robin Mihara summoned the greatest Tetris players from around the country to compete in Los Angeles at the 2010 Classic Tetris World Championship. Among them are the only players known to have reached the unthinkable perfect ‘max-out’ score on classic Nintendo Tetris: Jonas Neubauer and Harry Hong. Add in the top players for most lines, Ben Mullen and Jesse Kelkar, as well as newcomer Dana Wilcox and modern-day Tetris Grandmaster Alex Kerr, and a storm of Tetris greatness is brewing.

Even these Tetris luminaries gape at the mention of 1990 Nintendo World Champion and Tetris legend Thor Aackerlund. The rumors of Thor’s return to competition, his claims to have reached the impossible level 30, and whispers of his ‘vibrating thumbs’ cast a shadow over the proceedings and leave all to wonder if he will emerge from the past to reclaim his title, or if his storied achievements will remain unverified.

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters chronicles over two decades of jaw-dropping video game wizardry. Get an up-close look at the masters as they reveal their secrets, recount their decades-long obsession with the game, compete against each other to set new world records, and enter the transcendental state required to reach the highest levels known as the “Ecstasy of Order.”


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WiiLovePeace said:

I'm pumped. I always really enjoy documentaries like this about people who dedicate quite a lot of their lives to a love of one particular video game to the point of mastery, very fascinating stuff



Samholy said:

definitely gonna find this documentary.
The first ones on NES had something mesmerizing, more than any tetris thats been out after it.
Maybe it has something to do with the 8bit graphics,color palette...i dunno. but i remember having tetris block nightmares, seeing tetris blocks when i closed my eyes and feeling dizzy. DrMario did this too. eeew



Retronaut said:

Looks like this one could be interesting... right up there with King of Kong and Chasing Ghosts. Interesting stuff.



iphys said:

I just watched this on CinemaNow last night. It's pretty interesting how some people are still playing NES Tetris exclusively and haven't moved on to playing the more recent games.



KAHN said:

i found out about this MONTHS ago i mean, i know you posted about this before, but... eerrgh!



A1234 said:

I got it. it's alright. kind of boring. the players are uninteresting. music is pretty good though. not nearly as good as King of Kong or Chasing Ghosts. but, Tetris is amazing. I play it every single day.

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