The Inazuma Eleven series takes a relatively simple game, football — or Soccer to our North American friends — and surrounds it with world-saving antics and outrageous special moves. It's a bit like football from the perspective of a hyper-active six year old, which happens to make it a lot of fun.

Europe is slowly catching up with the backlog of DS and Wii titles — sadly North America is missing out so far — though gamers without a Japanese 3DS may find it painful to learn that the second 3D entry in the series is already on the way. Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone is due for release in Japan later this year, and as the title suggests it's the second release in the GO spin-off of the original DS series. Like previous entries it seems to be all about saving football from sporting oblivion, while coming up with increasingly over-the-top special moves along the way.

We're likely to have a long wait before this arrives outside of Japan, but the trailer below shows off the time travelling football antics and is worth a watch. It also has a return of Wonderbat the talking teddy bear, who drives the team bus.