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FIFA Producer: Wii U Potential is "Pretty Exciting"

Posted by Mike Mason


FIFA 13 hasn't been announced for Wii U yet, but during an interview about the game and the future of the series, FIFA executive producer David Rutter expressed interest in the potential of Wii U GamePad, labelling it "pretty exciting".

CVG asked Rutter if he found Wii U interesting and received an enthusiastic response in return. Rutter is apparently impressed with some of the ideas the team has come up with when thinking about a second screen — though for now, he's keeping quiet on specifics so that nobody else poaches any ideas.

It's pretty exciting actually. I've been talking to a bunch of the guys about the games that they're working on here, and about what they want to do with Wii U or with [Xbox] SmartGlass and stuff like that. And if you look at it from a different perspective, I'm not going to tell you exactly what because it's kind of competitive advantage, I think there were a few kind of 'wow, that's a pretty cool way of looking at it' moments, so that idea of a second screen, I think it has some really, really big positives.

How would you like to see FIFA approached on Wii U?


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WaxxyOne said:

Until Nintendo announces the release date and price, all these are is the stores doing their best to prepare. It doesn't mean a thing beyond that. They haven't even come and and claimed to know anything we don't. All they're doing is getting ready for a new system launch they know is coming, and the 14th seems like a safe estimate until the facts are announced. It even says right on the top of the sheet that the numbers aren't final!



Spikester said:


It seems that they just wrote what they knew. They didnt know the exact price for wii u games so they left it at 99$ remember, this is just my guess lol but i dont think that nintendo would put games at $100 each. That would mean that 4 wii u games = wii u (around the same amount) and i dont think that seems correct



shake_zula said:

...I'll start, then. The one thing that immediately jumps to mind is set pieces during local multiplayer, the play could be orchestrated on the gamepad without your opponent being able to see what you're going to do. But other than an at set pieces, I'm not sure how you could integrate it at all because when the ball is in play you simply have to be looking at the main screen. Constantly.



triforcepower73 said:

I'm glad that this system is getting so much support from developers! Wii U is looking to be a very solid console.




They shouldn't really be excited about the potential until they actually work on a game for the hardware.



NintendoLand said:

Fifa Game Developer: "Wii U potential is Pretty Exciting"

Darksiders Game Developer: "Darksiders II uses Wii U game pad in Interesting Ways"

Ubisoft Game Developer: "Nintendo's created Something Good with Wii U"

Borderlands Game Developer: "I think it's a really good console."

Video game analyst: "Wii U is not going to work"



Vincent294 said:

@NintendoLand The irony. I'm guessing that analyst was Pachter who isn't always the most accurate, especially when predicting the success of a Nintendo console. While Wii U probably won't see the success the Wii did, I doubt it'll be a failure.



CommanderAudio said:

All I want is a FIFA that is excactly like the other console versions. All th eother FIFAs on Nintendo consoles from 09 onwards were casual, and it didn't work compared to the versions on PS3 and XBOX 360.



Lux-Invidious said:

It would be nice if EA does some interesting things with FIFA on the Wii U, but unless a lot of my friends get a Wii U (doubtful) and Nintendo establishes a good online service I might have to stick with the Xbox version as I really like the community aspects of FIFA. In a way I'm more interested if Konami will do something innovated with PES on Wii U like they did on the Wii. I play PES solo as none of my friends don’t really care for that franchise, but I like it.



PokeTune said:

Don`t care until I actually see some game play footage of it running on a Wii U.

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