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Get a Load of This Retro Rap

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Rad rapping

Music dedications to classic gaming are relatively common on YouTube, but a new rap track from Richie Branson and Random a.k.a. Mega Ran is a cut above the rest. Super Nintendo, SEGA Genesis is fondly dedicated to the retro 16-bit rivals, with both rappers dropping references to many of the most memorable games and trends of the time.

Check out the track, from the upcoming album The NERD EP (Nothing Ever Requires Discipline), in the video below. See how many names and famous retro gaming references you can pick out.

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idork99 said:

Sick! (in a very good way)

"Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, you gotta be old school if you remember this!"



CommanderAudio said:

I don't like the song itself, but he summed what being a kid in the time of 16-bit gaming was like perfectly, so you gotta give him credit for that



arrmixer said:

Rest In Peace Biggie... nice track glad to see neptunes still doing their thing...well I'm guessing this is a neptunes track.... anyway thanks Thomas for the link!!



ninten90 said:

@arrmixer What makes you think this is a Neptunes track? Richie Branson is virtually unknown, and, well, the Neptunes are quite the opposite. Furthermore, I'm not hearing any musical cues which would indicate that the Neptunes have touched this.

I'm just asking because I personally couldn't verify who produced this myself. If you know something I don't (or hear something I don't), I would be obliged to hear it.



MAB said:

I'm a rhyme addict and I will tell ya
with a head as old as tha legend of zelda
you can never stop my verbal bravado
because I stomp on tracks heavy footed like metal mario
got da super sonic quickness, Wii fitness
find me drunk, passed out on the floor after 16 bitters
you will never see me inside an effing walmart
my mind is always on a hidden level like mario kart
flashback to another world, halo reach masterchief
ken, ryu, street fighter 2 I will be the rap zangief
sega does what nintendon't with the megadrive 2
gotta finish on a high note as the world ends with you



arrmixer said:


I just thought of the neptunes because of the N.E.R.D title.. they always produced for other people but their personal projects were always called N.E.R.D....



ninten90 said:

@arrmixer Oh wow! Did not catch that (I listened to the video without reading the article). That does clear up things, though The Neptunes' N*E*R*D stands for "No one Ever Really Dies", as opposed to "Nothing Ever Requires Discipline". Perhaps it's a reference...

Back on topic: The rap is pretty good as far as "90's video games" nostalgia goes, and I've got plenty to spare... though I kept wanting to hear the rest of "Juicy" everytime the Biggie sample came on. I also got a bit of early 2000's Jay-Z nostalgia ("I want you back" and "Juicy" are prominently featured on "Izzo" and "A Dream", respectively). Good catch Thomas!

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