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Mario Kart Wii Races Back into UK Charts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Olympics still top of the podium

The UK software chart hasn't been the most eventful or successful arena for Nintendo games recently, with 3DS and particularly Wii titles making only modest appearances. That trend continues this week, with the latest results from UKIE now available.

Once again the highest flyer is Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games, the Wii and 3DS title coming in at eighth, a rise of one position. Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo on DS drops to 18th, while evergreen 3DS titles Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are in 22nd and 32nd respectively, with the former continuing a steady rise up the chart. Wii has three entries in the top 40 this week: Mario Party 9 is in 28th, while Mario Kart Wii — possibly due to it being part of a hardware bundle — and Zumba Fitness 2 sneak into 38th and 40th.

It's not the worst week that Nintendo has had in the UK charts, and now that retailer GAME is once again in full swing it'll be interesting to see how Mario Tennis Open performs at the end of May.


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BenAV said:

Same old story there.
Wouldn't get my hopes up for Mario Tennis Open doing too well.



hYdeks said:

Mario Kart Wii is bundled with the Wii in europe? cool, over here it comes with NSMB Wii and Galaxy music cd



Byron-3D said:

This is the UK for you, I swear half the people over here are bread with sheep. It's always about following trends and unfortunately Nintendo ain't a trend



Torchwood said:

Is Mario and Sonic selling well purely because it's London Olympics? Because it isn't even that good...

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