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Coro Coro Comics 3DS Console Announced

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Japanese gamers win again

We often tell you about limited edition 3DS consoles being released in Japan, simply because Nintendo's homeland has so many. There have been hardware exclusives dedicated to various themes, games and anniversaries, though the latest is arguably the most attractive.

The console shown in this article's image is celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Coro Coro Comics, a popular monthly magazine in Japan. Only a basic preview has been given so far, with details on the distribution and availability of the console due in the publication's next issue on 14th April. Needless to say it's very unlikely to be available outside of Japan, so we can only look on in envy.


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Capt_N said:

I haven't seen any 3DS skins yet, or maybe I have, & just don't remember. Even so, it's better to have an (good quality) interchangable shell, not skin. Or just, have varying shells literally combined w/ the system, forcing you to buy a newer unit, like Nintendo does w/ it's systems. The cool thing about that is, unless user customization is done to the shell, then there is more uniform of the device, meaning ppl will more easily recognize the device in public, but there will still be choices for ppl to choose their preferential "flavor" of system. Edit: Also, shells combined to the units simultaneously serve the purpose of not exposing internal circuitry, & more ruggedness.



Yosher said:

Honestly this one just looks.. plug-ugly. I'm happy with my Zelda 3DS!



Mowzle said:

I don't think it's plug ugly. I'm not usually into logos and fancy stuff, but I love the black and gold effect.
Each to his own, I guess.



black-kyurem said:

nintendo... do you KNOW how much money you would make if you sold all of your japan only 3ds' in america?

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