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Game & Watch Gifts Added to European Club Nintendo

Posted by James Newton

Get 'em while they're hot

The European Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue gets just received two new rewards, but they probably won't be around for long.

7,500 Stars gets you a replica of Game & Watch: Ball, the very first Game & Watch game ever produced all the way back in 1980. It's already been offered to Japanese and North American Club Nintendo members, so it's nice to see Europeans getting a shot at it too.

Slightly less expensive is Game & Watch Collection, a steal at just 5,000 Stars. This DS game includes three Game & Watch games: Oil Panic, Donkey Kong and Green House from back in 1982.

Will you be picking up a replica of Nintendo gaming history?


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blackknight77 said:

I have G & W Ball, and I was quite surprised how good of a reproduction it really is. I try not think how much money I spent on games to get it.



Kifa said:

Damn those stars - you never have enough when you need them...



Supreme said:

I hate how stars are worth pretty much nothing. You need to buy a lot of games to get only a small amount of stars, and all the cool stuff costs a tonne of stars... Honestly, I've bought many games and my total amount of stars ever gained is 11000 something. That's still a long way off from that Zelda statue.

Not to mention I spent all my stars yesterday on two Kirby pouches. Hopefully, those turn out to be nice, so I can parade around uni with 'em. lol



Jazzem said:

Spent all the stars on the Mario figure set some time back...hmm, not sure if I regret or not <_<



alLabouTandroiD said:

Only 24 more games to buy for this sweet little replica. (got 1610 Stars right now. Do the maths yourselves.)



nick_gc said:

Woohoo, just bought the Game & Watch. Now to scratch off some more Club Nintendo vouchers when I get home to buy the Game & Watch game for the DS if it's still there later this evening.



ThumperUK said:

@ woodlin37 - for 4000 stars you can get the Golden Wii Wheel - great if you already have the Zelda gold Wiimote and the Goldeneye classic contolller. All I need now is a gold Nunchuck!



Yosher said:

I'd like one, but I'll just hate myself if I get this and soon after, the Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack pops up there. D:



Marakuto said:

I have 700 and they think that some "Tiny badge" only 1 or 2 will cost 3000 will be worth it, I can even get the same one but for cheaper in a store.



TromaDogg said:

Bah, I've only got do I spend those on the Game & Watch Collection DS cart, or do I hold out for more stars, hoping that Ball will still be available in a couple of months time?

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