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Game & Watch Collection is a compilation cartridge featuring three of Nintendo's Multi-Screen Game & Watch games. Not available for purchase, this game could only be obtained in Japan, North America and Australia, by buying it with points included with Nintendo games and systems. The included games are:

Oil Panic: Oil is dripping from the ceiling! Catch the oil in your bucket, then tip it out the window to your friend holding the oil barrel. Don't spill any oil!

Donkey Kong: A giant ape has kidnapped your girlfriend! Climb to the top of the construction site to rescue her. Dodge barrels as you climb, then pull out the girder's pins to defeat Donkey Kong.

Green House: Look after the four plants in your green house. Spray any bugs with your bug spray, and don't forget about the spiders on the lower levels!

Each Game & Watch game can function as a clock by using the internal clock of the Nintendo DS. An alarm can also be set through the game's main menu.

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Posted by Clay Anderson

A blast from the past or something best left forgotten?

If you are a Nintendo fan living in North America, you probably remember the heavily publicised launch of the Club Nintendo program last December. Additionally, if you were a big investor at the time, you were probably hoping that you had enough recent...

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Wiiloveit said:

I really wanted this, but now that I've seen the amount of games actually included, I've changed my mind.



Natendo64 said:

I have this game and I must say, this wasn't worth 800$ in nintendo merchandise. I should've bought this off ebay.

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