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Fox McCloud Returns As Star Fox 64 3D Launches Worldwide

Posted by James Newton

The whole crew's here

After a lengthy absence — his last starring role was back in 2006 — Fox McCloud is back, as Star Fox 64 3D takes off across North America and Europe today.

The updated version of Star Fox 64 (known as Lylat Wars in Europe) is one of the better games we've seen released for 3DS so far, as our Star Fox 64 3D review explains:

The beauty of Star Fox 64 3D is that it provides a quick pick up and play experience that is guaranteed to provide an adrenaline rush. The only complaints are the lack of online multiplayer and the fact that, content-wise, this game is almost the same as the original. Yet, this release can provide thrills and addictive shoot-em-up action to both veterans and those new to the game, its irrepressible energy enough to make us forget that we’ve done it all before.

Fox's latest brings us bang up to date with his output so far: you'll find reviews of every Star Fox release in our archives, handily collated and listed below.


Star Fox (Super Nintendo, 1993) — See where it all started for Fox, Slippy and the crew in our retro review of Argonaut's 1993 classic.

Star Fox 64 (N64, 1997) — Released on Virtual Console in 2007, this is of course the earlier version of today's 3DS release, and a game that many Fox fans feel is yet to be beaten.

Star Fox Adventures (GameCube, 2002) — A total change of pace for Fox and team, as the Arwing lands on Dinosaur Planet for a Zelda-style adventure. Rare's final game for Nintendo, Star Fox Adventures divides opinion to this day.

Star Fox Assault (GameCube, 2005) — Nintendo gave Namco a crack of the whip with this more action-oriented entry in the series, cramming in more weapons and vehicles but failing to capture the original magic.

Star Fox Command (DS, 2006) — Until this week's release, the last headline game for the Fox and crew was this portable strategy title which, despite its faults, is one of the better releases in the series.


As well as appraisals of each released Star Fox adventure, we've also examined its development and legacy in a series of in-depth features.

Feature: The Making of Star Fox details the creation of the very first entry in the series with contributions from Jez San and Dylan Cuthbert, two staff integral to the game's inception. Lads of the Rising Sun details what happened after Star Fox, with discussion of the never-released sequel Star Fox 2.

Star Fox: Pioneering 3D Shoot 'em Ups Since 1993 takes a look at where the original game broke fresh ground and wowed a generation of gamers.

In our final feature, Round Table: Looking Back at the Star Fox Series, Nintendo Life staff discuss their memories of the series so far: that first look at the original's groundbreaking 3D graphics, the years that followed and what it means to Nintendo fans.

Here's hoping Star Fox fans don't have to wait another four years for Fox to make another appearance.

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HipsterDashie said:

Guys, just so you know Gamestation (in the UK) are running a deal where you get an extra £10 on any two DS or 3DS games you trade in. This means I got £12 for two Guitar Hero games instead of just £2. You can't go wrong.



MrArcade said:

Before the announcement of this game i was afraid that the series was dying out like f-zero did. I loved f-zero......



JimLad said:

Plaaaayyyyeedd iitttt allreadyyyy
Seriously though if you have never played SF64, now you have a reason. It is definitely the best in the series.



Link79 said:

The series isn't really back until we get something new.
Face it this is just another rehash of a game We've already played.
A remake isn't going to cut it they really want to resurrect this series.



Katzii said:

Not to try and be pedantic or anything, but it's not exactly a "worldwide" release today. Australia didn't get it yet, for starters...



NintyMan said:

I just got the last copy at GameStop and came back and registered it on Club Nintendo! Going to be fun to play!

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