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Beat More Picture Dungeons in Dot Eater: New Picdun

Posted by James Newton

DSiWare treat goes 3D

GO Series: Picdun is something of a DSiWare gem, so it's pleasing to hear it's going to see a downloadable follow-up on 3DS with the aptly named Dot Eater: New Picdun.

The game will see release in the 3DS eShop next week for 300 Yen (around $4/£3), with the trailer below showing a new emphasis on picking up pills in a Pac-Man style. In fact there's no combat at all in the video, though from the screenshots it seems this will still be a feature of the game, just perhaps not as important as the previous title.

Hopefully Gamebridge will pick this game up for release outside of Japan.

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sonic_brawler95 said:

Looks frantic, but oddly fun. I think I will pick up the first Picdun soon, seeing as I keep hearing great things about it.



Legodavid18 said:

@sonic_brawler95 I definitly recommend the first Picdun, I had many hours of fun with that game.
Looking forward to this... now if only I could get my hands on one of those elusive Point Cards...



Geonjaha said:

Nope completely stupid concept for a 3DS based game. Sure it might be fun, but to play you need to (or it would make sense to) look at the bottom screen to get through the maze from what I can see. Theres a flashy 3D screen on the top to show this, but if your actually paying attention to getting through it will be unnoticable. Please correct me if I'm wrong, thats what I'm getting from first impressions, and why I wouldnt buy it.



jeremybristol said:

On the screen, it says Speedrun. I would guess that's an alternate mode, rather than the main game. After all, the map is already complete before the run is made.



Adamant said:

I downloaded this. It's ridiculously hard, but quite entertaining.

Didn't play the first one, but there's no combat in this - you either need to avoid enemies, or kill them instantly if you picked up a specific item. Stages involve touching "cells" to add dots to the maze, then grab the dots before they disappear. Each world has 4 standard levels, plus a "speedrun" level (it's not an alternate mode) where you need to grab all the dots as quickly as possible (the standard levels involve more backtracking and enemy-dodging, though they're also timed, so you can improve your time. Highest score and shortest time is saved per level.

Ah, and you will definitely be looking at the top screen. This game is all about speed, and since your dude moves relative to the direction he's facing, you need to plot your route on the bottom screen (and note where monsters and the like are), while focusing on the top screen for turning and sliding for maximum efficiency.

Ah yeah, and this isn't "New Picdun", it's "New Pickdun". Yes, there's a difference - it's the sequel to this game, not to this game. Note the urls

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