The 3DS price drop comes into effect tomorrow and already major retailers are jostling for position on the starting grid.

Yesterday we revealed that GAME and HMV will sell the console for as little as £139.99, but as predicted the supermarkets are going even cheaper with their pricing: Morrison's will drop the machine to £120 for 10 days, while behemoth Tesco goes still further with an enticing £115 price point.

Of course everyone will be hoping this results in an uplift of 3DS software sales too, with Morrison's offering every 3DS game — yes, even Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D — for £25.

We've had confirmed from GAME Group that it will be selling 3DS consoles solus for £149.99 or with Zelda at £159.99.

Have you decided where you'll be placing your money come tomorrow?