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3DS Gets Big Price Drop in Japan Next Month

Posted by James Newton

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The 3DS has had a sluggish sales start so far but Nintendo is hoping to give the machine a kick start in Japan with a huge price drop effective 11th August.

The recommended retail price will drop from 25,000 Yen (around $317 / £196) to 15,000 Yen ($190 / £117), a huge decrease this early in the console's life span.

A similar price drop will come to Europe and North America between July and September, though details of this are yet to be announced.


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DarkLloyd said:

money money monay MONAAAAAAAAAAAY

i appluad the people who waited up till this point if only id have seen the future lol



FluttershyGuy said:

BAD sign when you're cutting a system's price this early in it's lifespan. Is the 3DS gonna wind up being Virtual Boy 2 on a smaller scale?



edhe said:

If the 3DS sees a similar, large price drop in Europe, I'll easily be able to buy it.

I doubt it would be as big a discount than Japan's though.




WolfRamHeart said:

Yes!!! This is great news!!! Now I can purchase a 3DS at the price that it should have been to begin with.



dimi said:

Well we didn't have to wait until vita launch it seems. Still its a huge price drop and it a big slap to hardcore and loyal fans of Nintendo that paid full price and got mediocre games (with a notable (or two) exception s ) and support in advance. Nintendo should give the fans that bought it 25.000 yen or 250 euro/dollars (or more) 2 free games or something.



Corbs said:

Update: Okay we get some free games. I take it back Nintendo. Now I just hope the VITA kicks the 3DS a little bit.



Burn said:

Psh, whatever. It was worth the $250 for all the content the 3DS launched with. Right, Nintendo?

Right... Nintendo? ...hello?



skywake said:

Oh well, at least I got it early and was able to play..................... umm.....



edhe said:


So you'd rather Nintendo maintain their current inflated price and let the 3DS be utterly destoyed (figuratively) at the market?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but most people had their reservations about the 3DS at launch - I know I did (region lock, low Battery, no games, PSvita coming soon†, and crazy price), and so I'm happy I waited for the price.

You had to see it coming.

† Again, I have my reservations, mainly price, and unable to play my UMDs I've bought only recently when I picked up a PSP



motang said:

Much needed to boost sale and not to mention to put up a good front again the onslaught of PS Vita.



MeloMan said:

Interesting. Well my 3DS got stolen and I don't have the cash for another right now until at "least" that time period, so, I guess it will be in my best interest to wait until September and hope for Nintendo to do the same here in the US. You ARE thinking of doing the same thing, RIGHT Reggie?

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