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Focus on this New AfterZoom DSiWare Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Augmented reality comes to DS

Abylight's next offering for DSiWare isn't another entry in its Music On series, but a neat augmented reality offering called AfterZoom. The studio just sent over a new trailer of the title which you'll find below.

The concept is that players will use the DSi camera to hunt out microscopic organisms in everyday objects: these creatures can then be caught, fed, raised and taken into battle against opponents. Think Pokémon with more science.

Abylight is still waiting for a confirmed release date and price for AfterZoom but we'll let you know soon.

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edcomics said:

Kid needs to charge his DSi. What ever happened to that one game like this that had the creepy trailer, where you hunt down ghosts and whatnot?



Denkou said:

This actually looks pretty interesting. Depending on the review, I might get it.



SyFyTy said:

Great finding bugs in the kids food, that will get them to eat... NOT. interesting idea though...



WarioFan63 said:

Abylight is still waiting for date? NIntendo's E3 list for upcoming DS games put this for a July 14 release.



edcomics said:

Ghostwire. That's the one. I was looking forward to that. Too bad it never materialized. Pun intended.

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