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Podcast: Episode 21 - 3DS Launch Spectacular!

Posted by James Newton

Grab your headphones and take a journey into sound

It's here: the day the whole of Europe has been waiting for since way back in June. Nintendo 3DS goes on sale at 00:01am on Friday 25th March, and who better to talk you through the machine's launch than Nintendo Life's very own experts Corbie Dillard and James Newton.

This special commemorative episode of the Nintendo Life podcast is packed with talk of 3DS games: what's worth your money, what's not, what to do with your machine and more. Don't forget our Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ is also available with stacks of information about the system, its games and more. We'll also be bringing you 3DS reviews of all the console's launch titles and its biggest and best games in the years to come.

For now, sit back and relax: let the calming sound of the Nintendo Life podcast wash over you like so many delicate ocean waves. Then go buy your 3DS console at 00:01am.

If you're going to a midnight launch event, we want to see your photos! Tweet them to us @nintendolife, share them on the Nintendo Life Facebook page or post them up in our forums. In fact, why not take the Nintendo Life podcast with you to keep you company?

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User Comments (17)



CerealKiller062 said:

These are the sad times that you wish you were born in Europe. Then once it's out everywhere you wish you hadn't wished your first wish.



Yadoking said:

Cool cast. Looking forward to the Rayman review. I'd like to say that the top three launch titles, for me, would be Rayman, Super Monkey ball, and SSFIV (Even though I'm looking forward to DoA more).



Corbs said:

There was a regular podcast 5 days ago? Did I miss it? All I've seen lately was the NLFM music podcast. I need to pay more attention around here.

EDIT: I just checked and we haven't had a regular podcast in over two months. You guys complaining might want to actually listen to one sometime so you'll know the difference.



SilverBaretta said:

I wasn't aware Capcom and Sega were regular listeners.

StreetPass Quest sounds like something I would totally sink some time into, so I'll be looking forward to that. I also kinda figured as much about the conditions for the DSiWare transfer. On the subject of E3, I'm particularly looking forward to more info on Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, which may or may not be part of the press conference, but since 358/2 Days was, and this game seems like an much more important title in the series, I wouldn't rule it out.

In closing, fantastic podcast guys, I'll be looking forward to whatever content good 'ol NL will be pushing out!

@Corbie: Nice new avatar. Is that an automatically-generated one from the Mii Maker?



Boman said:

I just got back from my local videogame store.
Got my 3DS with a copy of street fighter : )
strangely enough I was the only one there.
My eyes can see 3D ! YES : )



Dazza said:

Great work guys, that was a really informative podcast. Bring on the 3DS!



realar said:

Why do you guys get to be first???
I have to wait 2 more days for mine!

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