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Get Your Monkey Race On with this Super Monkey Ball 3D Trailer

Posted by Trevor Chan

On your marks. Get set. Monkey!

Balls won't be the only thing spinning when Super Monkey Ball 3D launches this week as we see in SEGA's new Monkey Race trailer, wheels will be spinning faster than you can say "bananas".

As well as the single-player puzzle levels, gamers can take part in two other play modes: Monkey Race, and Monkey Fight. Fans of the series will be familiar with both mini-games and in the case of the former, players will have to master their drifting skills and utilise those power-ups if they want to win the race. Up to four players can race each other via a wireless connection.

If you haven't got around to reading it yet, be sure to check out our Super Monkey Ball 3D review to see why we think it is one of the top launch titles for the 3DS.

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Chaoslink1 said:

I like that you get 3D glasses on because you don't need them wich makes it kinda like the blooper from mario kart



47drift said:

Monkey Race was much better when the physics were ridiculous and they were actually in balls instead of in balls driving cars.

And where's Monkey Target? Come on, Sega.



Kriedler said:

Yeah, the 3D galsses thing was funny, but I don't know. It'd have to be pretty damn good to keep me from getting Mario Kart instead. Especially since you can get more players going on Mario Kart



Nintonic said:

Well this is probably one of the many things you can do on money ball, and since this is one of the first nintendo 3ds games. I will be getting this.
If the I can get the 3ds soon...

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