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Nintendo Download: 7th & 8th September 2010 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

The gang's all here: WiiWare, Virtual Console and DSiWare next week in Japan


Surinuke Anatōsu (800pts - Nintendo) -- Though we've gotten the distinct impression that third parties have abandoned WiiWare in Japan, Nintendo certainly hasn't. Keys Factory is credited as the developer – a bit odd since all they seem to make are Wii and DSi accessories like stands and cases. If this is their software debut, it's pretty impressive from the videos we saw on Nintendo's Japanese website. It immediately brings to mind Technos's 3D Tetris-variant, Block Out, but instead of layering 3D tetrominos your mission is to rotate one in order to manoeuvre it through a series of square plates as you fly down a shaft – sort of like a first-person RooGoo Twisted Towers. The production values seen in the video are pretty high, with slick visuals and high speed thrills for a puzzle game. We're intrigued enough to give it a shot and will hopefully have some impressions for you soon after release.

Virtual Console

Shin Megami Tensei II (900pts Super Famicom - Atlus) -- The second in the Japanese 16-bit RPG series; not quite sure why there's a 100-point premium on this one, but it must be special.

Sonson (800pts Arcade - Capcom) -- Capcom's Virtual Console Arcade debut is a cross between a platform game and a shooter. One or two players can simultaneously control characters that ride moving platforms, stopping only to fire magic blasts from their staves at enemies. It might have some nostalgic pull in Japan, but leaves us a bit cold. Hopefully they'll be bringing something a bit more exciting to the VCA soon!


G.G Series: Shinobi Karakuri Den 2 (200pts - Genterprise) -- Well, it seems pretty clear that the G.G Series is well and truly continuing with yet another sequel to one of the initial releases only two weeks after the last. The first Ninja Karakuri Den was only recently released outside of Japan, so no telling when this sequel might appear. We're unable to resist the pull of a G.G Series game and quite enjoyed the first one, so we'll be sure to check this out for you as well. In the meantime feel free to re-read our G.G. Series: Ninja Karakuri Den review.

Kokoro no Health Metre: Kokoron (500pts - T&S) -- If we're understanding correctly the garbled translation (courtesy of Google), this is a virtual counsellor for "troubled girls" looking to get "lucky hearts" – so a complicated Love Meter, then?

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SKTTR said:

Saving 800pts for Surinuke Anatósu. Looks exciting.

Also great to see CPACOM finally supporting Virtual Console Arcade.



StarBoy91 said:

SonSon is okay; not exactly a game I'll play every now and then (I have it on Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded on the PSP).



StarBoy91 said:

That screenshot looks like it's taking place inside a restroom, or something similar to that, like a hallway leading to a swimming pool inside a building.



Objection said:

My God, I would jump for joy if the Shin Megami Tensei games were released on our VC.



WarioFan63 said:

Theres confusion as to why the most popular RPG series in Japan that isnt made by Square Enix has a premium price?

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