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Black Lantern Studios' Enchanting Fairy Tale Release

Posted by Trevor Chan

Gather round and watch the announcement trailer with us

It must be a fairly busy period for Lemon Team and Reflexive Entertainment at the moment; with the recent announcement that the collaborative release of Airport Mania: First Flight will soon be launching on the WiiWare service, and with the DSi getting its own Airport Mania too, it's never too bustling to be bringing out one more game.

Black Lantern Studios, the developer behind the handheld version of Airport Mania, will be bringing gamers a "match-three" style puzzle game called A Fairy Tale that's based on the original PC/MAC release. So whilst we wait for its expected launch this Fall, let us take a look at the kind of puzzles that await us and soak in the announcement trailer below.

When a giant menace threatens the village, the young faeries Delfbert, Wilf and Angelica set out on a journey to save their home! Join them on their quest through 100 puzzling levels of stunning graphics and magical music that will fill you with wonder. Featuring an exciting new type of puzzle game play and a humorous, light hearted storyline sure to make you smile, A Fairy Tale is an unforgettable journey of enchantment!

Game Features:

  • A unique new type of puzzle game!
  • Unlockable extra 'Master Quest'!
  • Beautifully rendered visuals!
  • Exciting and innovative gameplay!
  • Humorous light-hearted storyline!
  • Rankings and medals to achieve!
  • Calming enjoyable music!

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To get a taste of the original and an idea of what to expect from the DSiWare instalment, head over to the Big Fish Games website and download the free trial version that entitles an hour's worth of play.

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cheapogamer4life said:

Don't think their has been any good puzzlers release in the (NA)shop as of late so maybe this will be a worthy dl for those interested.



Kimiko said:

Hmm. I can't really tell how the game is supposed to work from this video.

"A unique new type of puzzle game"? Match-3 games have existed for a long time now, and not all the variants that have been tried work well, so "unique", "new", "innovative" are not necessarily selling points.



Capt_N said:

I read the title in my live bookmarks, then I seen it had notrhing to do w/ Green Lantern. & yes, before anyone asks, in DC comics Lanterns of many different colors exist besides green.

Hope the "Master Quest" is similar, if not better than Zelda's (mqs).

After watching that trailer, & listening, it makes me think of Panel De Pon, minus Lip. I'll be watching this. This could be interesting.

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