If you enjoyed playing Firemint's Flight Control, then you might want to take note of the upcoming WiiWare title Airport Mania: First Flight and check out the first trailer for the air traffic control game from Reflexive Entertainment and South Winds Games.

Originally published on the PC by Reflexive and later ported over to the Mac, iPhone and iPad, Lemon Team, who handled the previous ports, is soon to release the title on WiiWare with some new features. One of the most notable gameplay additions is the inclusion of a four-player simultaneous multiplayer mode.

The game is currently going through the final stages of production, and a release date should be determined soon. If the trailer is anything to go by, it should be a real test for gamers' hand-to-eye coordination and reaction speed as it seems to utilise the Wii Remote very well. The game's website states that a version will also be available for DSiWare.