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These Fuzzy Super Scribblenauts Headphones Can Be Yours

Posted by James Newton

If you preorder at Gamestop, of course

The original Scribblenauts came with an infamous rooster hat for those who preordered, so can Warner Bros. top that with an even better incentive second time around? How about with a pair of plush headphones that actually work? Bad luck if you said no, as that's exactly what's happening.

Coming in three colours, grey, polka-dot and camouflage, these are sure to be a fine addition to any Scribblenauts cosplayer's outfit. Be sure to wave your money in the face of the nearest GameStop employee whilst proclaiming "I want these headphones!" to be in with a good chance of securing a pair or, if not, entering into an entertaining argument.

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PSICOffee said:

aww man perfect! I have need for new headphones, especially ones that are comfy and fluffy. I wasn't going to preorder but now I have to. I just hope the headphones don't suck or break a month later.



mecoy said:

ima do just what you told me with sonic colors ill tell everyone how it works out



Dodger said:

I am saving my money for a 3ds so I doubt I will preorder but I will see if my parents will get it for me as a birthday present as my birthday is a couple weeks after the release date!



Punny said:

The Sonic hat is more interesting, but these should keep my ears warm during my Christmas travels. I'm going to get Super Scribblenauts, but I'm not sure about the headphones.



irken004 said:

According to IGN, the color choice will be random. Sux if u get the polka dot color



Tar said:

Am I the only one who KNOWS this will fall through with the same unfortunate fate as the rooster hat?



Tar said:

No, Nothing was wrong with it, I have it also. It was that 5th Cell didn't make enough, they made about 2 for every 10 people that pre ordered it, and a bunch of people complained to GameStop about it. 5th Cell better know what they are doing this time, or I WON'T pre-order this.



OldBoy said:

@16 'And, yet again, Europe gets... ?'
F**k all! As per.
Those look like they would be nice in winter.Mmmmm snuggly



moosa said:

I bet they sound about as good as the ones that pack in with your iPod.



sonic_brawler95 said:

I love Scribblenauts, and I can't wait for Super Scribblenauts. I don't really preorder things, but those headphone look cool.

Lol, I love how they come in three different designs like someone's using the adjective system.

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